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This project proposal aims to enable an affordable energy transition for low-voltage customers in a broader area, such as a neighborhood.

Due to the increasing growth of weather-dependent renewable energy sources among customers with a connection capacity lower than 56kVA and the rising electrification rate due to heat pumps, electric vehicles, etc., there is a growing need for additional flexibility (ways to align consumption and production as much as possible - how to control a heat pump when the weather is good or when energy prices are low?). Europe insists on making this flexibility available through the low-voltage grid.

The project will explore how flexibility can be offered as an additional service by energy suppliers on an Energy Management System (EMS) within a building. The additional revenue model created by this approach will be evaluated and valorized. Predictive AI models will play an important supportive role in this process. All of this will be validated in collaboration with the industry through realistic use cases to assess feasibility.