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Although nurses constitute the largest group of healthcare professionals involved in providing palliative care (PC), there is still insufficient emphasis on it in basic nursing education. That's why Howest is developing the NursEduPal projects. Nurses are the primary caregivers in the field of palliative care and play a key role in coordinating this interdisciplinary care. However, current nursing education in PC falls short, and urgent improvements are needed.

International research shows that education in PC enhances competencies, directly impacting the quality of care. Educating healthcare professionals is thus a means to enhance access to high-quality PC. Furthermore, collaboration between educational institutions and clinical practitioners ensures that education is based on the competency requirements within the field.

In the previous NursEduPal@Euro project, innovative learning tools were developed to enable nursing educators to provide education addressing the complexity of PC. The NursEduPal@IMPACT project will now examine the necessary learning/training materials to empower participants so they can guide colleagues and initiate changes that enhance the integration of palliative care quality into their daily practice.