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We collaborate with palliative care specialist nurses to develop escape games that will later be made freely available in the sector. These games offer an innovative way to interact, test problem-solving abilities, and face challenges.

Our goal is to create knowledge and understanding, inspire collaboration around end-of-life care, and boost confidence among healthcare professionals and caregivers. In an escape game, participants are placed in a specific room and work in teams to solve puzzles and complete tasks.

As part of their final assignment, our postgraduate palliative care students annually present a practical case study (anonymized) describing a person with palliative care needs in detail, focusing on the individual's life story, uniqueness, and their loved ones. They then further develop the case study following the steps of clinical reasoning. The emphasis is not only on physical aspects (pain and symptom control) but also on social aspects (grief, caregiving, contextual care, etc.), aspects related to meaning (spiritual care, ethics, moral deliberation, advance care planning, etc.), and psychological aspects. These case studies serve as the basis for developing escape games for various target audiences in diverse settings.