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As part of the Flemish Cyber Security (CS) Impulse Program, initiated in 2019, a component for supporting policies is planned (with an annual budget of approximately 3 million euros). This supporting policy includes a training component and an outreach and broad communication component.
The policy note for Economy, Science Policy, and Innovation 2019-2024 states that Flanders will execute the cybersecurity (CS) policy plan, ensuring optimal alignment with the needs of Flemish businesses and society as a whole. This will be achieved by providing accessible cybersecurity offerings within the framework of lifelong learning and acquiring digital competencies. Howest will play a significant role in this initiative.
A substantial portion of the allocated funds (refer also to section J and Annex 1) will be allocated by the minister based on specific proposals. This process will involve an open call evaluated by a steering committee, which will advise the minister.
The steering committee will include:
- A representative from the Department of Economy, Science, and Innovation (EWI).
- A representative from the Agency for Innovation and Entrepreneurship (VLAIO).
- A representative from the Department of Work and Social Economy (WSE).
- A representative from the Department of Education.
- Two representatives from universities (KUL for coordination, supplemented by a representative from VUB/UGent due to their role in the research program).
- A representative from the colleges/universities (HOWEST, given their expertise).