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The Club of The Future

A visionary club and concert experience unfolded at the Flanders Technology & Innovation Festival. Devine's expertise in generative AI video allowed us to create an impressive, future-forward projection mapping.


The setting? The Landmarck site in Kortrijk, an abandoned industrial site transformed into the ultimate futuristic club setting. It was here that top artists such as Amber Broos, Max Cooper and Goose brought the stage to life.

Club of the future op FTI. Photo by @jo.photographix

Global players together

At Devine, we know that an experience begins long before the first note is sounded. Thus, we already visually blew visitors away upon their arrival with an impressive projection mapping on the front of the hall. This came about through the initiative of Jan Pauly of Hangar K, who called the Club of the Future to life. He brought together global projection player Barco, art director Ludovic Beun and Devine.

Future-proof technologie

It is not an easy task, representing the visuals of the Club of the Future. To go beyond typical club visuals, we decided to work with generative AI. The past few months have allowed us to build our expertise in this, with an initial exploration of projection mapping on the Belfry Tower in Kortrijk. However, weekly new innovations in generative AI allowed us to push the boundaries even further.

Technical realisation

To create this visual masterpiece, Devine lecturers Wouter Verweirder and Frédéric Baert immersed themselves in the most advanced features of generative AI video and managed to achieve this technological feat at an unprecedented level.

Using ComfyUI and AnimateDiff, they developed a workflow in which animations both followed the contours of the building and maintained a predetermined pattern. After perfecting this workflow, they were able to work with the art director to produce numerous visuals that actually brought the 'club of the future' to life. A full technical breakdown can be found here.

The 17-minute series of generated videos managed to capture undeniable attention. Many visitors chose not to go straight to the entrance but paused to experience the visual spectacle. Phones were pulled out, the sign that the club experience was coming to life even before one could see the mainstage.

Interested in sharing knowledge or partnering? Devine remains at the forefront of AI innovations, always ready to explore the latest developments.

ComfyUI workflow for Club of The Future Devine projection mapping Club of The Future