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We are still in full exam season, but Howest has already received its review this week. Colleges and universities undergo an institutional assessment every six years, and in 2024 Howest got a review. And we scored exceptionally well! The review committee has experienced Howest as an entrepreneurial, innovative university of applied sciences that is future-oriented and adopts a student-first approach.

A word from the committee

“We experienced Howest as an entrepreneurial and innovative university of applied sciences that is future-oriented and adopts a student-first approach. The interlocutors presented a dynamic organization with an international appeal that values action driven by principles and stays in touch with market demands. There is an abundance of ambition, supported by a strong vision on education and a deeply ingrained quality culture throughout the entire organization.” - Ann Demeulemeester & Suzanne Koster, co-chairs of the review committee.

A team effort

“This positive report confirms the innovative and entrepreneurial nature of our university and the future-oriented approach of our Howest community. At Howest, we put the student first, and the committee clearly recognized this. Our students perceive Howest as a safe place where everyone matters. We are a value-driven institution with structural input from the field, ensuring our education remains future-proof. The committed teams at all levels embody and realize Howest's vision and goals. The entire Howest community is very proud of the exceptionally positive report we have achieved together.” Frederik D'hulster -

Student-first approach

The committee held separate discussions, with a group of students from Howest. They describe Howest as open-minded, accessible, personal, modern, practical, future-oriented, international (yet also local), cosy, high-quality, and a safe place where everyone matters. Additional positive points noted by the students include the attention to individuals, the increased focus on students' mental health, and the small group sizes, which are seen as a plus.

Focus on quality

The committee observes that the culture of quality and quality assurance has deeply integrated into the daily operations of the entire organization. In all discussions, the committee found the mission, vision, and values of Howest, with its specific DNA, prominently present. There is a visible open culture essential for effective operation, with a healthy self-critical attitude. The significant ownership by all stakeholders was evident in all dialogues. People know how to find each other thanks to the short communication lines. Moreover, there is a lot of bottom-up initiative: the innovation is palpable.

A suitable organizational structure

Moreover, great importance is placed on value-driven actions, and the institutional management responds agilely to market demands. The committee notes that there has been thorough consideration of a suitable organizational structure, which is currently well under development due to the significant increase in student numbers.

The Howest Report Card

Read the official announcement from NVAO and discover our full report in detail! (Dutch only)

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