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Working from home (via VPN)

How can I swiftly work from home (via VPN)?

To access certain online applications from home, you will require a secured connection (VPN).

Howest Forticlient VPN NL 1

Follow the instructional video to install a VPN. You will require this VPN for the following applications:

  • Library
  • ...

FortiClient VPN Installation and configuration

You can download the installation file (FortiClient VPN) at Choose Windows or MacOS, depending on the computer you use.

  1. Start the FortiClient VPN
  2. click on Configure VPN to configure the connection.
  3. Select IPsec VPN in the next menu.
  4. At Connection Name, fill in Howest VPN.
  5. At Remote Gateway, fill in the following IP adress:
  6. Under Authentication Method Pre-shared Key, Copy and paste the following text: H5ATYtdI^evWIuu+UOIz|XhJ
    !! Please ensure that you do not copy any additional spaces or the connection will not work !!
  7. click Save to finish the connection.