Course offer in English

Howest UAS has a varied offer of programmes for English-speaking students:  

  • 3 full bachelor degrees
  • 1 advanced bachelor degree
  • 1 Postgraduate Certificate
  • English-taught semesters within most of our bachelor programmes, 22 in total, for both exchange and non-exchange students. Non-exchange students will earn a Postgraduate Certificate.
  • The European Master in Sustainable Energy System Management. 

You find all those programmes below. We warmly welcome students from our partner universities for a semester/year of exchange study.  

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English-taught semesters

Our English-taught semesters are primarily intended for exchange students from our partner universities, in function of the study fields mentioned in our bilateral agreement. 

Each year, a limited number of non-exchange students (not affiliated with a Howest partner school) can also get selected to attend the Howest English-taught semesters as Postgraduate Certificate programmes. More info on the selection & application conditions for non-exchange students.

Programmes 2020-2021

15 English-taught semester programmes in Autumn: from September to the end of January

7 English-taught semester programmes in Spring: from February to the end of June

Course Unit Descriptions for All English-taught semester programmes (if not available yet for the upcoming academic year please select the current year)
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English-taught semesters, what are they?

An English-taught semester is a coherent package of course units which a Howest Bachelor programme offers in English, as an option for semester exchange , to incoming students from its partner universities abroad, and as a study abroad option to other international students. Many of those English-taught course units are also attended by local Howest students, whereas all the other course units of their BA programme are offered in Dutch. Dutch is the official language in Flanders and the main teaching language at Howest.  We often refer to our English-taught semesters as ‘international semesters’, given their global focus and/or international public combined with the English-medium teaching.

Some of our English-taught semester programmes consist of course units which together amount to 30 ECTS credits, the full standard semester load in European higher education. Those English-taught semesters of 30 ECTS do not contain any choice options for students who need the full 30 ECTS semester load. Others count more than 30 ECTS credits in course units and thus provide choice options.

Selecting courses from different English-taught semesters is only possible if both programmes are organised on the same campus ánd if their schedules allow it. Schedules are only available shortly before the start of the semester.

Bachelor of Digital Arts and Entertainment

Howest´s award winning BA degree programme DAE is entirely taught in English to international and local students. 

Digital Arts and Entertainment has SIX MAJORS:

  1. Game Graphics Production
  2. Game Development
  3. Independent Game Production
  4. 3D Animation
  5. Visual Effects (VFX)
  6. Sound Design

Howest DAE is ranked #21 in the 2020 Princeton Review’s Top 50 of Game Design Undergraduate programmes. In 2018 & 2017, Howest was ranked as best school in the world to learn game art and development by The Rookies and Grads in Games.

Visit and have a look at our DAE campus The Level

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Bachelor of Digital Design & Development

Digital Design & Development is a 3-year bachelor degree that is open to English-speaking students , and is part of The Royal Academy of Fine Arts (KASK) and the Royal Conservatory.

Devine is renowned for its talented students with desirable and highly employable skillset. Once you've graduated, you immediately start as Experience Designer, Front-end Developer, Interaction Designer, Motion Designer, Full Stack Developer, Mobile Developer or simply Deviner.

Bachelor of Applied Computer Science - major Cyber Security

The bachelor of Applied Computer Science offers the ideal education to kickstart your career in Cyber Security. You study the specific problems in the field of security and learn how to arm yourself against them.

As a Cyber Security specialist you will be trained in the very latest technologies and techniques in the field of cyber security, cyber crime and cyber warfare. The Cyber Security Specialist provides more security and privacy in the digital world.

Our programme is listed in the Cybersecurity Higher Education database powered by ENISA, the European Union Agency for Cybersecurity.

This major is open to English-speaking students*

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* Howest will require English-speaking students to follow Dutch language classes during the entire programme, or until they reach the B1-level of Dutch proficiency.

Postgraduate Certificate in Cyber Security

Screen Shot 2017-09-05 at 11.27.05.png

Kickstart your career in Cyber Security. Do you already have an IT degree or are active in the IT world and you want to develop further in that field?

The Postgraduate Certificate in Cyber Security at Howest University of Applied Sciences in Bruges, Belgium, offers you the ideal education. This 60 ECTS / 1 year programme is offered in English.

For more information, see our leaflet with the course programme or contact

Our Bachelor major of Cyber Security (3 years – 180 ECTS), which is open to English-speaking students, might be the right alternative if this Postgraduate Certificate programme is not what you were looking for.

Advanced bachelor of Bioinformatics

You learn to store, process and analyze molecular biological data and in a next step to automatize this with data storage and processing by means of programming and scripting. Moreover, you learn to develop web applications for molecular data analysis.

Because our students get a profound basis of programming skills during the educational program, they are the (missing) link between ICT experts and molecular biologists.

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European Master in Sustainable Energy System Management

The European Master in Sustainable Energy System Management (SESyM) is an initiative of EUREC (Association of European Renewable Energy Research Centres) in collaboration with a consortium of higher education institutions, notably the Hanzehogeschool Groningen (NL), the Hogeschool West-Vlaanderen HOWEST (BE), the University of Zaragoza (SP) and the University of Pisa (IT). 

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International week: Health@world

howest illustraties_toekomst cropped.png

An international, interactive health week, meeting people with common interests!

From 30th March till 3th April 2020 (Bruges, Belgium)

Within the international project health@world, first year Nursing students of Howest (University of Applied Sciences) learn about the importance of social and cultural influences on nursing, health and health care and open their minds to the diversity of our (globalizing) society.

The project is organized as an international week and the Nursing Department of Howest invites international nursing students and lecturers to participate. With an evidence- and experience-based approach, participants learn with and from each other about cultural sensitive care and intercultural communication and international perspectives on Nursing.

The health@world project includes intense group and case work in international mixed teams, using innovating teaching methods such as blended learning and low-tech/high-fidelity simulation.

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Howest course catalogue

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You can find the course catalogue here.

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  • Next to ‘Opleiding’ select the name of your programme.
  • On each specific programme page, there is detailed explanation on how to navigate through the catalogue.