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  • Kortrijk company & organisation day classes Dutch
    In this elective track the focus is on changing company processes for the digital network era. Change management is central here. You learn to analyse the processes in an organisation and become familiar with the classic issues which a modern company struggles with. You learn how modern digital technologies can contribute to a better operational management that is also better adapted to here and now. You also learn to estimate the psychological consequences of change processes on teams and guide these in this process.
  • Kortrijk design & technology day classes Dutch
    #MachineLearning #NeuralNetworks #Cloud #MixedReality #IoT #DeepLearning #ArtificialIntelligence #BigData #DataEngineering Also have a look at the other 3 outflow profiles:
  • Social Work

    Brugge, Kortrijk human & welfare day classes Dutch
    Are you socially engaged and would you like to work with and for people? Do you want to help them with the challenges in their lives? And help them build a sustainable, inclusive and solidary society where life is good for everyone? Well then, the Bachelor of Social Work is made for you. In this study programme you learn all about how you can stimulate your fellow human beings and society to become stronger.  This programme is only available in Dutch!
  • Kortrijk company & organisation day classes Dutch
    In this elective track, the focus is on entrepreneurship for society. You learn to correctly estimate the influence of the digital revolution on society, as a result of which you are ideally placed to elaborate projects which lead to a better functioning society, this in collaboration with social workers and sociologists. You develop socio-economic initiatives in the field of social media, social economy, civic participation, new cooperation forms, …
  • Brugge design & technology day classes Dutch
    The future is digital and we are already experiencing that today. Our passion is developing digital solutions that help shape the future. Websites, apps, embedded devices, … Software comes in many forms and is constantly evolving. Almost all of them are designed using the same set of basic principles. You will gradually learn this basis during the programme.  You will also gain insight into the systems and technologies that make this possible. Thorough but adjusted, so that you can use it within your solution.
  • Brugge human & welfare day classes Dutch
    Are you passionate about sports and do you want to incite others to exercise and live an active, healthy lifestyle? Are you firmly convinced that sports and exercise are important for a good health? And do you want to help people to do so in a sensible and efficient way? In the Sports and Movement study programme you will develop into an all-round movement expert who can later work in various sports’ sectors.  This programme is only available in Dutch!
  • Sports Journalism

    Minor van de opleiding Bachelor Journalism
    Kortrijk company & organisation day classes Dutch
    The sport-fanatic West Flanders is the ideal practice field for a future sports journalist. No less than five football clubs play in first division. Big cycling races such as the Tour of Flanders and the E3 Harelbeke take place here. In volleyball and basketball too, West Flemish clubs play on a national and international level. Howest is the only college in Flanders that offers the unique elective track of Sports Journalism. You get a solid basic training of journalism, but from the first year on you immerse yourself in sports reporting.
  • Brugge company & organisation day classes Dutch
    Your challenge is the fast delivery of ordered goods. Or the delivery of returned goods for repair or re-use, e.g. your smartphone? Studying Logistics Management at Howest stands for a training in the business world where we respond to new trends in logistics via cases. Briefly: we prepare you to be the logistics manager of the future. Also have a look at the other elective tracks:
  • Brugge design & technology day classes Dutch
    Are you fascinated by the combination of architecture and construction itself? Are you technically minded and practically oriented? Do you see many hours of computer (drawing) work as a challenge rather than an obstacle? And are you not afraid of deadlines and feedback? Then the bachelor of Applied Architecture is made for you.  This programme is only available in Dutch!
  • Brugge company & organisation day classes Dutch
    Are you fascinated by the different departments of a company and do you want to work together with people from several sectors on your own projects? As a business consultant you set your teeth in how companies work. From a helicopter view, you learn to see how everything inside a company is connected and how you can adjust processes and optimize the latter where necessary. Thanks to you, many pieces of the puzzle come together. Your biggest asset at the end of your training? Your knowledge of all the aspects of the company!