(English-taught semester) Applied Health and Lifestyle Sciences

Howest English-taught semester Applied Health and Lifestyle Sciences
"Learn to coach towards a healthy lifestyle and organize preventive health and sports projects!"

In this programme we develop professionals who will facilitate other people in finding their balance in life and work. In a world where, due to the increasing intensity of life, many people are dealing with stress and challenges to maintain their work-life balance and healthy lifestyle behaviour, there is a need for innovative young professionals who can face this trend. In this open international semester, students will meet with a key common interest: to find innovative ways of engaging people and coaching lifestyle behaviour on the one hand and developing sports and health promotion programs on the other hand. 

This international semester will take place in Autumn, and usually attracts a group of 10-20 international students from all over Europe. The emphasis will be on theoretical lectures as well as on experiential learning and individual- or group-projects. Students will work on different projects, mostly in mixed multidisciplinary teams. The aim is to integrate students from abroad with Belgian students and stimulate teamwork and international communication and cooperation. 

The international semester programme offers a choice out of 11 modules, with an overall maximum of 30 ECTS. 

This English-taught semester is organized by our Bachelor of Applied Health and Lifestyle Sciences (TGW), Bachelor of Sports and Movement (SB) and Bachelor of Applied Psychology (TP).

This programme is only available in English!