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Howest is an agile organization that flexibly, decisively and adequately responds to changing social contexts. As a knowledge organization, Howest integrates leading, socially relevant and competence-oriented education, valorization-oriented research and services in all its study programmes.

To that end, it can count on the education teams, the research teams and a structure of supporting services.

Howest considers its staff members as its critical success factor. Howest staff members are experts who take up their professional duties with commitment.

Within complementary-composed teams, they are a role model for each other, for their colleagues and their students. Howest facilitates the professionalization of its staff members and gives them all possible opportunities to further develop their talents.

Job Application

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You can respond to job offers at our university of applied sciences and arts, or send a spontaneous application for future vacancies through our electronic application SES.

After you have created a login, you can draft your C.V. by going through the entry fields. Later, you can adjust your C.V. by entering the login you created.  Through this electronic application, we have the opportunity to inform you about future job offers without any obligation.

Volunteer Work

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Within the Howest team there are also volunteers active.

We offer a dynamic, team-oriented and entrepreneurial environment and are open to any form of engagement, in as far as it is in line with our mission, vision and values

Together we look into how we can translate your offer into a specific activity.  In doing so, we provide the necessary framework and support. At present, volunteers are active in service projects, in the libraries, in logistics support,...

If you would also like to join our Howest team, please contact Dominiek Van den Bussche, HR staff member.