Study Choice

"One of the crucial factors to successful studies is a conscious and informed study choice. A process in which we are eager to help you."

 If you are really believing in your choice and you feel at ease in the study programme you have chosen, you have higher chances of success.

  • Are you in the fifth or sixth year of secondary education and do you have doubts about your study choice in higher education? Well, we can help you mapping out the study choice that suits you best.

  • Have you already started in higher education and is the study programme not really in line with your expectations? In a reorientation interview you can, together with our study coach, find the study programme that better fits your talents.

A personal interview about orientation or reorientation with our study coach

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In this interview we focus on your talents and your study choice strategy. You can make an appointment without any engagements. Send an email to:

Test your interests on-line. Ask Simon!

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On, you can see which study programmes in higher education fit your interests on the basis of the survey. In addition, you can do some other tests which give you more information about your functioning in higher education. This test was developed by UGent. Howest cooperated to the development.

Visit us on the occasion of an info day

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Have you already made your choice or do you still have doubts about a number of specific study programmes? Visit us on the occasion of one of the Howest info days!