Bachelor Applied Computer Science

Bachelor Applied Computer Science
"As a Bachelor of Applied Computer Science, you help shape the future of technology. You'll develop innovative solutions to a variety of business and social problems."

As a Bachelor of Applied Computer Science, you help shape the future of technology. You'll develop innovative solutions to a variety of business and social problems.

With a bachelor's degree in Applied Computer Science, you'll learn how to develop software and websites, manage databases and set up server infrastructure. You will learn how to solve problems and communicate with other professionals . With these skills, you will be ready to shape the future of technology by developing innovative solutions to business and social problems. Become part of this rapidly growing and promising IT sector.

On top of this solid IT foundation, you'll choose topics from a graduate program or elective track starting in the second year:

  • AI Professional (Dutch): you will have the skills to use learning technology to adjust and improve systems.
  • Cyber Security Professional (English): become an expert in cybersecurity, you have the skills to protect companies and organizations from cyber threats and cybercrime
  • Software Engineer (Dutch): develop web, mobile and cloud applications. Structured coding in a team, testing code, deploying in the cloud. In short, you are all set to be deployed in the important field of software development and devops.
  • Web3 Engineer (English): professionalize in the latest technologies and become an expert in digtal ownership, blockchain and Web3 business processes. 

Keuzetrajecten van de opleiding Bachelor Applied Computer Science


Online infoavonden starten in februari

Wil je een opleiding starten aan Howest vanaf februari 2022? Dat kan! Tijdens de online infoavond op 15 februari (van 17u tot 20u) staan de trajectbegeleiders voor je klaar om je meer info te geven en antwoord te formuleren op al je vragen.

Maak kennis met de opleiding

Aan Howest ben je aan het juiste adres om in februari een andere weg in te slaan. Misschien is je gekozen opleiding niet wat je ervan verwacht? Of ben je aan het werk, maar wil je liever terug gaan studeren? De lectoren en trajectbegeleiders helpen je graag verder via mail.

Passion for your future

Howest is much more than a university of applied sciences with its 25 undergraduate and 12 graduate programs.

It is a school with a passion for your future. It is a school where each student stands central and a place where they are personally guided towards the path to a diploma that will provide them with an edge in the labour market.

Your future

Computer scientists are in high demand.  There are plenty of job opportunities, such as: Web & Mobile Developer, Full-Stack Developer, Backend Developer, Business Intelligence Consultant, Netwerk & Systems Engineer, Forensics Expert, ...

Our strengths

Our educational approach is known for being personal and practical. We focus on guidance, innovation, links with the professional field, internships, internationalisation, and so much more!

Research and Consultancy

In addition to education, the Applied Informatics programme also offers applied research and consultancy in which both lecturers and students are involved.

Pictures of the programme

A picture says more than a thousand words. We'd like to give you a sneak preview of what awaits you.


Where are my classes?

Campus Bruges Station – BST5

The Bruges Station campus is located close to Bruges’ station and within walking distance of everything the city is so famous for: the canals, the Market, Burg Square and the many stores, cafes, and coffee bars. Several companies also have their offices on campus - so the work field is literally at our doorstep!

Contact details:

Rijselstraat 5
8200 Brugge
+32 50 38 12 77
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