Bachelor Digital Design and Development (Devine)

Bachelor Digital Design and Development (Devine)

As a Deviner you become someone who is able to reflect, research, design and develop for (future) digital products. Our entire curriculum is based on these 3 core skills.

Devine is reowned for its talented students with desirable and highly employable skillset. Once you've graduated, you immediately start as Experience Designer, Front-end Developer, Interaction Designer, Motion Designer, Full Stack Developer, Mobile Developer or simply Deviner.

How to apply to Devine

Basic requirements:
You will graduate from secondary school this academic year and proof of proficiency in the English language. Non-Dutch speaking students will have to follow Dutch language classes throughout the curriculum.

Screening for success:
During an online interview with our design and development teachers, we want to get to know you and discover your current skills and interests. To prepare for this occasion we will ask you to upload some of your current visual work (sketches, illustration, photography,...) and to take a development class. Based on a positive evaluation of this interview you will receive a Certificate of Acceptance which you can use to enroll to the school.

For more detailed information on the full application process, and clear step by step instructions on how to apply, download the prospective student guideline on our website.

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Jynse Cremers

Jynse Cremers

Academic director

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Koen De Weggheleire

Koen De Weggheleire

Expert Development and internship coördinator

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Frederic Baert

Frederic Baert

Expert Motion & UI design

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Kim Diependael

Kim Diependael

International admissions officer

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Wouter Verweirder

Wouter Verweirder

International Coördinator & expert Development

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Frederik Duchi

Frederik Duchi

Traject counselor and coordinator for admission tests

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Pictures of the programme


A picture says more than a thousand words. We'd like to give you a sneak preview of what awaits you.


Campus Buda

De Budafabriek: de uitvalsbasis van Devine in Kortrijk, pal in het midden van cultuureiland Buda.

Het gonst van de creatieve energie op en rond het Buda-eiland. De meest uiteenlopende organisaties binnen cultuur, onderwijs, zorg en economie zijn er in volle ontwikkeling. Tal van bruisende studenten- en burgerinitiatieven vinden hier een plaats.


Dam 2A, 8500 Kortrijk
+32 56 24 12 11
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Frequently asked questions

What are the application deadlines?

The screening process takes time since several departments are involved. We advise you to start the online application procedure as soon as possible. 

  • June 26th 2020 for students who will need to apply for a visa in order to study in Belgium. 
  • September 7th 2020 for EU citizens and other applicants who don't need a visa. 
How many students are there in the programme?

Devine is a specialised programme which consists of approximately 350 students. The classes are consciously made up of a small amount of students, which ensures a personalised follow-up and a “familial” atmosphere for the students. Class sessions range from one-on-one coaching with the lectors to 35-50 student workshops. 

Are there a lot of international students?

There are over 200 international students currently studying in Kortrijk at our campus so you will fit right in with this vibrant international community. We regularly organize events and workshops and there is a central meeting point on campus where international student can hang out. 

When does the academic year start?

The academic year officially starts on September 14th. Before the start of the academic year, the international students are invited to the orientation week. In 2020 the orientation week kicks off on the 7th of september. Attending the orientation week will allow you to familiarize yourself with the campus, socialise with other internationals during Dutch lessons and take care of practical arrangements. That way you are off to a flying start. 

Can I follow all the classes in English?

Yes you can. You can study and complete the bachelor degree Devine in 3 years via our new English track

Can I see some student work?

Sure! Check out all of our showreels. All visuals made by our amazing students!

Can I study at Devine for only one term or semester?

EU students can spend one semester studying at our school through the Erasmus+ programme. Check with your own international coordinator to see if a Learning Agreement exists between Devine and your host institution. If so, you can immediately register and begin your application. 

What are the options for an international exchange semester?

When coming for an exchange semester you can choose between 3 different tracks: 

  1. Digital Design
  2. UX Research
  3. Creative Technology

More information about student services and facilities and the laptop project at Howest

Student services and facilities

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