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Every Howest student needs a laptop that meets the requirements of the chosen programme.

Specific hardware is required for each programme. With the proposed devices, every student is perfectly equipped to follow all the lessons in the curriculum. Through our partner Academic Shop, Howest students can join the group purchase for their laptop and other hardware. This includes an affordable warranty and service package.

Each student is free to purchase the right hardware through another sales channel. Please pay close attention to the technical specifications and the offered service and warranty.

The laptop models that are recommended and are allowed for each study programme for the academic year 2024-25, will be available in May. To give an idea of what will be recommended, you can see the models for the academic year 2023-24 below. We recommend that starting students, who want to buy a laptop, wait until the line-up for 2024-25 is available.

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Select your study programme and see hardware models