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Exchange Students

Exchange students find the Application Form here. It is valid in case of Erasmus, Erasmus Belgica and for students from our overseas partner institutions. Also students coming in for an internship through one of the Howest study departments need to send us their Howest Application Form.

Erasmus+ students should use the Learning Agreement form from their home university. Other exchange students can use their own institution’s form or this Learning Agreement.

Non-EEA students (students from outside the European Economic Area) must request a valid student visa for Belgium, even when your home institution is already situated in the EEA. Students who come to Belgium without a valid Belgian visa, cannot be enrolled officially at Howest and are here at their own risk. Count on at least 8 weeks to get a student visa! More visa info.


Application Deadlines

The Howest application form has to arrive at Howest International Office by e-mail (scan version) or post mail by:

June 20th, 2017 for study in Autumn Semester.

  • May 20th for nationals from outside the European Economic Area AND for traineeship in Nursing or Psychology. May 20th is the only yearly deadline for traineeships in Nursing, also for Spring of the academic year to follow.

November 30th, 2017 for study in Spring Semester.

  • October 30th for nationals from outside the European Economic Area


Howest Language Expectations

The minimum proficiency level expected from incoming students is the B2 level of the Common European Framework of Reference for Foreign Languages (CEFR), in writing, speaking and understanding skills. Read more


For non-Exchange Students

You find the Howest admission requirements in the Education and Examination Regulations. Articles 5, 12, 13 and 14 mainly concern foreign students. For enrolment you need to present yourself in person at the student administration office of the Howest campus where you want to enrol.

Non-exchange students who want to apply for our English taught international semester programmes can do so via the Application Form above. They can attend those programmes as Postgraduate courses. In that case the minimum diploma requirement is a Bachelor Degree. The fee for each of the Postgraduate semester programmes is €1000, non-refundable. Please note that our International Semester/Postgraduate programmes are not in themselves degree programmes. An admission letter for those programmes is not sufficient for the Belgian Consular Offices in quite some countries to grant the applicant the necessary entrance visa to Belgium.

Howest language expectations

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The proficiency level we expect from incoming students and staff is the B2 level of the Common European Framework of Reference for Foreign Languages (CEFR), in writing, speaking and understanding skills. Read more

Howest has either English or Dutch as teaching languages. 

We expect applying students to provide proof of their proficiency in the language of instruction in the chosen program in one of the following ways:

  • A signed confirmation letter from the sending university, stating that the applicant’s language skills reach the B2 level and thus are sufficient to attend courses, participate in different types of classroom and examination activities. (only valid for exchange students)
  • The results of a (free) online language test which can be related to the CEFR B2 level,such as Dialang and Testpodium. The online test should have been taken under the supervision of the sending institution. The result sheet needs to be stamped and signed by a staff member of the sending institution.  (only valid for exchange students)
  • An official certificate or score report referring to the European Framework or from one of the recognized language tests, e.g. TOEFL: paper based 550/internet based 79/computer based 213 or IETLS: 5.5, no partial results below 5.

The following applicants are not required to document their language skills for study in English or Dutch respectively at Howest:

  • applicants from countries having the chosen modules´ teaching language as their national language.
  • applicants attending a full-time degree programme at their home institution taught in the same language as the Howest modules they are applying for.

Howest reserves the right to contact the sending university to verify the information on language proficiency, or to contact the applicant to have a telephone or Skype conversation in English.

The practical information package for incoming students

Howest and its two cities

Insurance incoming and outgoing students

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University Insurance Policy incoming students

Incoming exchange students without insurance coverage by their home institution will be covered by the Howest insurance policy for third-party liability and physical accidents during the school related activities and on their way to and back from the campus or work placement. 

Not during private time of the exchange period.  That coverage does not replace a normal health and travel assistance insurance, which each incoming student needs to take.  The Howest insurance will only come into action after exhausting the student’s Home School Insurance coverage.

  • Health, medical and assistance Insurance

All incoming students need to arrange themselves sufficient health, medical and travel assistance insurance, including repatriation of corps.  Students who wish to take a medical insurance upon arrival in Belgium, can find more information in our (online) Practical Information Package for incoming students.

University Insurance Policy outgoing students

For a study period abroad

All Howest students who realize a study period abroad are covered worldwide by the Howest school insurance, policy number ETHIAS - 45.262.212   The insurance covers physical injuries and third part liability during all study related activities and on the way back and to the host institution or study related activities.

In case of an accident the student and/or the tutor at the host institution are required to report this immediately to the Howest coordinator of the study abroad period.
Outgoing students need to arrange themselves sufficient health, medical an travel assistance insurance, including repatriation of corps.  For destinations outside Europe it is compulsory for the student to take out a travel assistance insurance.

For a placement/internship period abroad

All Howest students who do an unpaid placement in any enterprise or organisation worldwide are insured by ETHIAS, policy number ETHIAS - 45.262.212.  The insurance covers physical injuries and third part liability during all work placement activities and on the way back and to the work placement (activities).

In case of an accident the student and/or the placement tutor are required to report this immediately to the Howest placement supervisor.

In case the payment made by the placement organisation is higher than a strict reimbursement of expenses, the Howest insurance will consider it a salary and will no longer cover the student during the placement.
Outgoing students need to arrange themselves sufficient health, medical an travel assistance insurance, including repatriation of corps.  For destinations outside Europe it is compulsory for the student to take out a travel assistance insurance.

Accomodation incoming exchange student

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Howest Students Affairs (Stuvo) will help you find suitable accommodation.

As soon as your application has been approved by Howest, go to Stuvo’s website and you will find specific information regarding the housing possibilities Howest offers to internationals students, and about how to rent one of these rooms online. There are also pictures and descriptions provided.

A student room in Bruges will cost you between €230 and €350 per month; a studio flat between €400 and €600. A student room in Kortrijk will cost you between €250 and €450 per month.

The sooner you apply and start the accommodation procedures, the higher your chances to get a room which comes up to your expectations. Howest cannot be expected to offer ‘emergency housing assistance’ upon arrival.

Next to housing Student affairs are also the ones to contact for all the things that can make your life as a student more comfortable. Think about mobility, sports, …

Be sure to check our website, that way you are prepared to have a pleasant stay!

Accommodation for staff

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Howest will gladly assist you in finding suitable accommodation for your stay:


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A BUDDY for every International Student!

International students will have buddies to help their international pals feel welcome & at home at Howest in Kortrijk & Bruges!

For incoming international students

What is a buddy?

A Howest student who will welcome and inform international students, show them around in Bruges or Kortrijk, introduce them to the student life at our campuses and make them feel at home.

We want all incoming students to be well guided during their stay in Belgium. There’s no better way to ensure this than by connecting international students with Belgian students from our buddy community! We match up regular Howest students with incoming students and connect them in time to make an arrival, meet-up plan!

Starting your studies at Howest soon and haven’t heard from your buddy yet? Contact us!

For Howest regular students

Interested in being a buddy during the spring 2017 semester in Kortrijk or Bruges?

Read more

Contact us

Cashless campuses

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Howest has cashless campuses.

All payments should be done through a bank card. This is also the case for the “petty cash” payments like in our beverage machines or the purchase of a coffee in our cafeterias: no cash allowed in any of those. Those payments are made through your Howest student card, on which you can upload money via your bank card.

Howest does NOT accept credit cards like VISA or MASTERCARD. Only bank cards. This means that you should activate the MAESTRO function (for payments in Belgium and Europe) on your regular bank card via a request in your home bank agency. You should do this before departing to Belgium.

Erasmus experience at Howest

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Howest University College in Kortrijk and Brugge, Belgium is a great place to study! Check out French student Eugenie's experience here and why not come study here yourself!

Orientation week for incoming students

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We organise a fulltime orientation week before the start of the actual lessons. We warmly recommend all incoming students to attend it, since it will offer you the opportunity to:

  • get to know the other incoming students and the locals through fun team building & other activities
  • get to know Howest and the campus(es) where you will spend your semester/year
  • explore the Howest cities Bruges & Kortrijk together with our local students and dive into student life
  • discover some Belgian cultural treasures through student-friendly sightseeing trips to our most beautiful art cities like Ghent, Antwerp, Brussels, …
  • get loads of practical tips from our students while getting installed in your student room

Howest does not charge any participation fee for the orientation week, but students do need to pay for their own expenses, such as a couple of train trips (with a Go Pass this comes down to max. €5,2/train journey), some entrance fees (at student & group fares) and your own food & drinks. Everything in the low-cost way, and without any obligation as to participate in the paying activities.

Price for the orientation week in 2017-18 is €52 for the train tickets (some trips will be left) and €48 for the excursions. To be paid cash at the first day of the orientation week.

Dates of the Orientation Week:

  • Autumn Semester: 18 – 22 September 2017
  • Spring Semester: 5 - 9 February 2018

English for exchange students

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Howest offers - as well for outgoing as incoming students - an intensive English course within the institution. The course is offered on a weekly base at Howest Kortrijk and Howest Bruges.

Incoming students

Incoming students can obtain 3 ECTS by adding the English course to their Learning Agreement. Students following the English course within their Learning Agreement have priority over students following the course on a free base. The course is intended for students on different levels, from beginners, to intermediate and advanced. Students who are positively assessed obtain 3 ECTS credits.

Outgoing students

Learn how to communicate in an internatonal context by practicing the four communicative skills: reading, writing, listening and speaking.Outgoing students with little knowledge of English can be admitted to the English course. Students with some knowledge or students who wish to review the basics are also very welcome to attend. However, the outgoing students have to follow the English course on a free base without obtaining credits.


This English course provides exchange students with an intensive training in speaking, listening, reading and writing skills, all focused on their ongoing or upcoming academic experience. The lecturer will take the diversity of academic areas of the participants into account, by addressing a range of topics and choosing subjects which are relevant to the attending students wherever possible.

The course aims at the B2 proficiency level and uses the IELTS methodology. We strongly recommended it to all inbound and outbound exchange students who have not fully achieved the B2-level in English at the moment of application for their mobility project. For the more proficient students, we still see the course as a useful immersion experience.

The course will also function as an excellent networking opportunity for both the local and the international students.

“English for exchange students” will start in the week of 26 September and will take place in as well in Bruges as in Kortrijk. The examination period is organised at the end of the semester, with exams on the courses completed in that semester.

Howest charges no tuition fee for the course, but the study book has to be paid for by the participating student.

Locations for Spring semester 2018


  • Duration: 24 h.
  • Start: Thursday 15th of February
  • Every Thursday, from 6.15 (18.15) till 8.15 pm (20.15)
  • Campus Rijselstraat (RSS) in room C.0.05
    Rijselstraat 5, 8200 Brugge



Complete IELTS, Bands 5-6.5 Student’s Book with answers, Guy Brook-Hart and Vanessa Jakeman.



Outgoing Howest-students

This subscription is only for Howest students planning (or who are selected) to go abroad for study/internship and who are following a training programme that does not recognise English for Exchange Students.


Incoming students

Incoming exchange students can only register AFTER receiving the official admission notification by the Howest International Office.