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The international semester in the teacher training department is meant for students in education departments, Bachelor’s and Master’s degree. In Howest we train teachers to teach in nursery, primary and the lower years of secondary schools (age from 2,5 years till 16 years old). This semester will surely add value to your degree and your career opportunities as you will improve your team working, communication skills and teaching methodology.

English-taught semesters, what are they?

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An English-taught semester is a coherent package of course units which a Howest Bachelor programme offers in English, as an option for semester exchange , to incoming students from its partner universities abroad.

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Course overview

Cultural & socio-economic introduction to Belgium - survival course Dutch - 3 ECTS
In this module you will learn about Belgian and Flemish politics, culture and socio-economic data, all in comparison to the socio-economic data of your home country. This module includes a survival course Dutch and visits to several important cities in Belgium.
20 55 75
BCreative – 3 ECTS
Two major themes are addressed in this course unit:
  1. Educational technology:
    In this unit, you will learn to use technology in a well-considered pedagogical context and linked to appropriate content in order to create a powerful, contemporary learning environment tailored to the pupils/students.
  2. Design-based learning:
    In this unit, you will create own didactic materials and work with concrete examples to arrive at a design together with the pupils/students.
12 63 75
Traineeships in schools - 6 ECTS
This module is aimed at teaching in practice. As an international student, you either teach yourself or assist teachers in a Belgian school.
0 150 150
Project Based Learning (PBL) – 6 ECTS
In this module you will work out a cross-curricular project together with the other international students, with a challenge or problem that is authentic and closely related to the school context in Belgium. You plan and develop the project together and present your end result to the other students from the teacher training department.  
12 138 150
Integration in the different fields: education - 6 ECTS
Introduction of the history and demography of migration in the world and Europe. Overview of integration projects in Flanders as case study. Field visits in multiple domains (housing, employment, culture, sport, youth, education…) The result of the module will be comparative learning by analysis of the situation of their own and compare this with the Flemish situation and other European countries.
41 109 150
English for exchange students - evening course - 3 ECTS
This English course provides exchange students with an intensive training in speaking, listening, reading and writing skills, all focused on their ongoing or upcoming academic experience. The lecturer will take the diversity of academic areas of the participants into account, by addressing a range of topics and choosing subjects that are relevant to the attending students wherever possible. 
20 55 75
English language teaching - 3 ECTS
In this course, we offer a course in English language teaching with a focus on the newest teaching methods and didactics.
25 50 75

ECTS = European Credit Transfer System
HTC = Hours of teaching and coaching during the semester
n-TC = non-teaching and coaching hours per semester
SL = total study load in number of hours

Course Unit Descriptions for All English-taught semester programmes (if not available yet for the upcoming academic year please select the current year)
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Minimum 2 successfully completed semesters or an equivalent of 60 ECTS in a Bachelor programme. This will need to be confirmed by means of an official certificate, a survey of completed courses, or a signed letter from the sending university.

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All Howest and exchange students should bring their own laptop, with all necessary and officially licensed software. The course overview above mentions the specific software (if any) necessary for the course unit. Howest applies a very strict policy on the use of legal software.

Non-exchange students are not able to attend this international semester.

Timing and location

The course takes place in Bruges.

Address of the campus:

Howest Brugge Centrum
Sint-Jorisstraat 71, 8000 Brugge, Belgium

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