(English-taught semester) Web & App Developer Specialisation

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You might also be interested in the English-taught semester “New Media & Communication Technology: Infrastructure Engineer Foundations”. This is a 30 ECTS programme in Spring.

The English-taught semester “New Media & Communication Technology : Web & App Developer Specialization” offers a 30 ECTS programme in Autumn.

This international programme can be combined with an internship in a renowned Belgian Digital agency (30 ECTS), so you can come to Belgium for a full year. This semester focuses on learning-by-doing and you will be studying alongside our Flemish students.

The English-taught semester is aimed at both bachelor students and graduates from the field of study of computer sciences. An international NMCT semester will surely add value to your degree and your career opportunities as both your technical expertise and digital expert skills will improve.

  • This programme is only available in English!