(English-taught semester) Nursing Programme

Howest English-taught semester International Nursing Programme

The Nursing programme is meant for Bachelor students in Nursing who want to go on an internship in Belgium. Students should be fully enrolled in the third (or fourth) year.

We can offer a maximum of 12 weeks of internship with a minimum of 2 and a maximum of 3 periods of 4 weeks internship. Each period of 4 weeks equals 9 ECTS. We usually can offer clinical placement in several wards in our partner hospitals, mainly internal and surgical wards. We can also offer placements in a nursing home or home care. We usually don’t offer internships in a psychiatric ward, because of ethical considerations. So, internship can result in 18 ECTS (8 weeks) or 27 ECTS (12 weeks).

An internship period has to be completed in combination with a Personal Development Plan (PDP), an assignment which enables you to reflect on your learning process during the internship.

In case you want to obtain more than 18 (or 27 ECTS), we can offer additional courses in English, varying from 2 to 3 ECTS. Most of the courses are guided assignments with a clear tutorial in English. Most of the courses can be done in Autumn and Spring.

Incoming applications for traineeships in Nursing will be processed on the condition that Howest can arrange/find a traineeship where the student can be hosted and guided in a safe environment and possible admissions will be subject to Covid 19 measures possibly taken by the Belgian authorities or by Howest concerning the possibility of travel, the opening of borders and the organisation of higher education in Flanders.

This English-taught semester is organised by our Bachelor of Nursing (VPL).

This programme is only available in English!