(English-taught semester) Migration & Refugees

Howest English-taught semester Migration and Refugees
"Refugees welcome"

The English-taught semester on migration and refugees takes place in autumn as a block course with a wide range of modules. The modules include lectures, field trips, group works, testimonies of experts from the field and contact with people displaced due to conflict, war and persecution.

Our Social Work Programme affords you access to large network of NGO’s and government departments, so you can be in contact with experts from different fields. This is also helpful if you are interested in voluntary work as an international student of Howest.

As an international student in our Social Work Programme, you will notice how we value cooperation through strong communication structures. We will do our utmost to promote positive learning environments that foster sharing and understanding of different realities to improve the lives of people migrating throughout Europe.

Through this programme you will deepen your knowledge and competences in interactions with people by enhancing your understanding of the methods and approaches used in practice.

English-taught semester on migration and refugees is available for exchange and non-exchange students - postgraduate applicants. If you can, visit the campus on one of our open days to get more information about the programme.

You wish to combine this semester with more practise experience? Then definitely enquire about our one-year “Migration & Refugees IN ACTION” programme and combine your international semester with a three month placement during spring time!

This English-taught semester is organised by our Bachelor of Social Work (SW).

  • This programme is only available in English!

Brochure postgraduate (Dutch) Brochure full programma (English)