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The English taught semester “Integrated Building Design and Construction” is an excellent option to boost your career opportunities if you’re a third or fourth year bachelor student in the field of study of Architecture, Architectural Technology, Construction Management or (Sustainable) Building Sciences. This semester fits in the third and last year of the full Bachelor Degree in Applied Architecture of Howest, having a strong reputation in the architecture and building sector in Flanders. Our alumni are utterly appreciated and valued, mostly because of their comprehensive knowledge of construction detailing and sustainable design, and because of their broad experience in Building Information Modelling.

English-taught semesters, what are they?

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An English-taught semester is a coherent package of course units which a Howest Bachelor programme offers in English, as an option for semester exchange , to incoming students from its partner universities abroad, and as a study abroad option to other international students.

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Course overview: Integrated Building Design and Construction – Autumn semester

Cultural and socio-economic introduction to Belgium
Survival course Dutch - 3 ECTS

In this module you will learn about Belgian and Flemish politics, culture and socio-economic data, all in comparison to the socio-economic data of your home country. This module includes a survival course Dutch and visits to several important cities in Belgium.
Portfolio development - 3 ECTS
A portfolio is a primary means of communication when looking for job opportunities in the design field. This course will lead you into the process of building a strong and personal portfolio, based on the process of self-reflection and facilitated by advanced Desktop Publishing.

Required software: Adobe Creative Cloud (most recent edition) and MS Office
Architectural Design Studio A - 9 ECTS (compulsory)
This design studio serves as the integrative project of the semester. You work in a small team, simulating an architecture office. After analyzing the environmental and functional prerequisites of a multi-dimensional assignment and guided by the tutors, your team integrates knowledge of construction technology and architectural design fundamentals into the design of a structurally sound, efficient, sustainable, high performance building or building complex that meets all relevant building codes. The final design will be attractively presented to a jury by means of appealing (computer) models and renderings.
Computer-aided architectural design - 9 ECTS (compulsory)
In this course you will improve your skills of 3D computer modelling and apply them for the presentation to the jury of the Architectural Design Studio.
In 3ds Max Design, special attention will go to: specific materials, advanced lighting, animation, advanced modelling and specific applications.
In ArchiCAD, the emphasis will be on working with BIM server (Team Work) and BIM-exchange (IFC, BCF), interactive 3D-models, publishing sets, MEP, BEM-ecodesigner, Cine Render a.s.o.

Required Software: ArchiCAD (Graphisoft) and Autodesk (Autodesk): most recent (educational) edition, or similar BIM-software.

Important: Prior basic mastery of this software programs is an imperative.
Construction management - 3 ECTS
Group assignment exploring a local construction yard, assessing its planning, site plan and cost calculation. Comparison with a building site of similar size in your home country.
International Project - 3 ECTS
Participation in a field trip focusing on contemporary architecture in Flanders or optionally in a neighbouring country.  Preparation and final assignment are part of the assessment for this course unit.

Course Unit Descriptions for All English-taught semester programmes (if not available yet for the upcoming academic year please select the current year)
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Students who wish to enroll should have completed minimum 3 semesters or an equivalent of 90 ECTS in a Bachelor programme in the field of Architecture, Construction Technology or Building Sciences. This will need to be confirmed by means of an official certificate, a survey of completed courses, or a signed letter from the sending university.

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All students should bring their own laptop, with minimally 16Gb RAM and a dedicated OpenGL Graphics Card with 1024Mb Ram or more. The course overview above mentions which specific software is necessary for each course unit. Howest applies a very strict policy on the use of legal software. If you have not acquired a licence yet, you can do so at the beginning of the semester: you benefit from the Howest discount on the licence fee. 

Non-exchange students can only attend the international semester as a Postgraduate course and need to have completed at least a full Bachelor degree programme at the time they start the international semester course at Howest.

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Timing and location

The course takes place in Bruges.

Our Autumn semester runs from September 14th 2020 until January 29th 2021

The first week is the fulltime Orientation Week. The actual lessons start on 21 September. From 02/11/2020 to 06/11/2020 there is one week of Autumn Holiday. Winter holidays are from 21/12/2020 to 01/01/2021.

The examination period starts immediately afterwards. In the last week of the semester (25/01/21-29/01/21), there are still exams, as well as feedback sessions for students.

The Howest 2nd  chance exams take place in the 3rd exam period (Aug/Sept). As an exceptional service for exchange students AND only after explicit approval by the head of the study department,  2nd chance exams can be taken by the end of the 1st  exam period, at a date to be determined by the study department.

Address of the campus

Howest Brugge Station - BST1
Rijselstraat 1, 8200 Brugge, Belgium