(English-taught semester) Global Business Management

Howest English-taught semester Global Business Managment
"Think global, act local!"

Both Global Business Management (GBM) semesters (Autumn and Spring) are modular semesters. All modules concern Business Management topics, covering different kinds of expertise in a global context. If a student attends both semesters and stays a full year, the modules which can be chosen in Spring will obviously differ. During the Autumn semester, emphasis will be on lectures as well as on learning-by-doing. The Spring semester is more project based. Students will work on different projects, mostly in international teams.

The aim is to integrate students from abroad with Belgian students and stimulate teamwork, international communication and co-operation. During the semesters company visits are organised, so that students will also learn about the Belgian corporate culture. Both GBM semester programmes offer a choice out of different modules from which the student selects a maximum of 30 ECTS per semester.

This English-taught semester is organised by our Bachelor of Business Management (BM).

  • This course is only available in English!