Howest English-taught semester Digital Creative Projects in Tourism

(English-taught semester) Digital Creative Projects in Tourism

(English-taught semester) Digital Creative Projects in Tourism

"If you want to stand out, creativity is key!"

Whether in our professional or personal lives, the digital technology is everywhere. We all use it to communicate and organise, but do you really get the maximum out of your computer and other devices? Being able to use the computer to plan and organise projects, keep track of the budget, organise mailings and create a state-of-the-art communication plans with images, sound and video can make your project stand out and be successful.

As a tourism professional in today’s world you work in an extremely competitive context. Your main competitors may not be other tourism enterprises, but the tourist himself. Tourists today are the managers of their own tourism experience, thanks to the internet and the ability to achieve anything online, anywhere.

As a digital creative tourism manager however, you make yourself indispensable in two ways. Firstly, you are a digital expert. You know where and how to communicate to your customers on the internet. Your product, of course, can be achieved online. Secondly, you are a creative expert. You follow up on trends and understand the needs of the 21st century tourist. Your products are not the obvious trip; what you offer goes off the beaten track and cannot be engineered by three clicks on the internet. Being a digital creative tourism manager is what makes you stand out from your competitors in the tourism industry today and tomorrow.

Together with students from different nationalities and backgrounds you learn to use information technology in order to plan, coordinate, communicate and illustrate a professional project. You put your new knowledge and skills to the test in an integrated project in which you will take the role of the tourism expert in a multidisciplinary team.

  • This programme is only available in English!