(English-taught semester) Design for Identity

(English-taught semester) Design for Identity
"Products unlock emotions through their identity!"

Designing industrial products requires both creative and technical insights from the designer, meaning that both concept development skills and know-how of materialization and production are essential. Creativity, user-centered design, engineering, flexible production and idea visualization are the main ingredients of the 3-year-Ba. Program Industrial Product Design at Howest. Design students learn by doing and design by prototyping in the extensive maker labs at the Industrial Design Center. 

But what if the designer is able to add a layer of emotion on top of that? That important spark – in response to social trends and needs – gives a product character and turns it into a strong, communicative but yet functional medium between objects and people!  

The region around the city of Kortrijk is maker minded: it contains numerous manufacturers of objects for interior & lifestyle (such as lighting, carpets, furniture, garden & outdoor…). Most are family-owned small & medium sized enterprises. Kortrijk also hosts the INTERIEUR biennial and the annual Kortrijk Creativity Week in town, where companies gather and showcase their newest innovative ideas and products. It creates the perfect context for a Design for Identity semester since students will create individual portfolio work together with these ambitious companies.

During this semester, we’ll specifically train your surfacing skills & freeform modeling in CAD. We’ll work on your personal signature design style and try to find a match between you and our local Belgian brands. We’ll practice 2D/3D visualization a lot and we’ll let you experiment with VR, bio-based materials and textiles in our labs! 

#form and shape; #interiors and objects; # visualization; #advanced surfacing; #interaction; #UX & VR

This English-taught semester is organised by our Bachelor of Industrial Product Design (IPO)

This programme is only available in English!