(English-taught semester) Creative Communication Project

Howest English-taught semester Creative Communication Project
"Learn to creatively overcome intercultural differences in communication"

What is creative communication?

In the communication business, we create shared meaning together with target groups. But how can we reach those target groups to achieve our business goals? It is not enough just to know about communication. It is our focus, but we are only successful when we combine it with creativity. We can unleash our creativity in language and visuals.

Whether in our professional or personal lives, communication technology is everywhere. Everyone uses it to communicate and organize. But are we using these tools to their full potential?

What is a creative communication professional?

The world is changing fast and so is the way we communicate. We now live in a digital world and digital natives are increasingly the main target group. If you want to stand out, creativity is key. Combine it with to-the-point communication, sound English, online skills, an international mindset and a fair amount of guts and nothing can stop you from becoming a creative communication professional who’s ready for whatever the future brings.

Only when we succeed in combining communication knowledge with excellent writing and great visual content can we stand out and beat the competition.

This English-taught semester is organised by our Bachelor of Communication Management (CM)

This programme is only available in English!