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Heb je nog vragen?

Aarzel niet om jouw vraag te stellen aan Rik Leenknegt, opleidingscoördinator van de opleiding.

Jouw trajectbegeleider

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De stap naar het hoger onderwijs is niet voor iedereen vanzelfsprekend. We leveren aan Howest dan ook heel wat inspanningen om je tijdens je studies te ondersteunen en je op een optimale manier je studietraject te laten doorlopen. Voor ons sta je als student werkelijk centraal. Aan Howest staat een persoonlijk contact met de docenten hierbij voorop.

Indien je een enigszins ander traject wenst te volgen binnen een opleiding, kan je bij de trajectbegeleiders terecht. Je kan om diverse redenen voor zo’n individueel traject kiezen.
De trajectbegeleider zal je in al deze omstandigheden helpen om de voor jou optimale weg uit te stippelen!

Contacteer, trajectbegeleider van de opleiding.

DAE met je klas?

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Wil je met je klas meer te weten komen over hoe games gemaakt worden? Wij komen graag naar je school om uitleg te geven.

Spreek af met jouw leerkracht en schrijf je in voor de presentatie 'How games are made' via een mailtje naar

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Campus The Level

Digital Arts and Entertainment has its own campus building, The Level, which clearly reflects our and our students’ ambitions. When entering The Level, the link to a first-person shooter or action-adventure game is easily made. The raw materials, the level differences, the ‘peculiar’ staircase, the overview of the space, the mystical light coming through the atrium – it all contributes to the overall atmosphere. The Level is also a multifunctional building, where everything revolves around (interactive) 3D. So what exactly goes on here?


You can’t miss the 800 students who are occupying the grounds. Besides classes, The Level hosts many student activities and events, such as weekly industry sessions, workshops, game jams, study and film nights, …

DAE Research

DAE Research is the research cell of our Digital Arts and Entertainment study programme. Their focus is on applied research on the use of game technology in non-game sectors, such as healthcare, architecture, cultural heritage and many more. Besides their own projects and demand-driven cooperation with a wide range of companies and organisations, DAE Research also supports and coaches companies and other knowledge institutions in starting up a project: from defining the research questions and drawing up project plans and funding applications, to executing and following up on the project.

Incubator centre

At the heart of The Level, an entire floor is reserved for our start-up and incubation centre: a place to encourage and foster startups, or welcome established studios. The incubator provides office space, equipment and a large expertise network, to young entrepreneurs specialising in 3D-related content or services. Do you want to have your offices in a stimulating environment like this? Contact

Knowledge and compentence centre

The Level has an extensive green key with Mocap and state-of-the-art equipment. Our students learn to work with these materials and in this environment, so they are familiar with the latest technology in their field. Our knowledge and competence centre also comprises an audio studio, editing studio and a multi-purpose meeting and conference room.
These facilities are also available to the companies in our incubator, and can be rented by other businesses and organisations. For more information, contact