Howest - The Penta

Visit a Howest campus by appointment

Visit a Howest campus by appointment

"“Discover our programmes and the inviting set-up of our campuses”"

Are you keen to see what our aulas, laboratories and practice rooms look like for real? To get a sense of the atmosphere on campus? Or to ask some questions about the program you’re interested in, face-to-face?

You can visit the Howest campuses until July 10th. You will have to book your visit though and your party cannot be bigger than 3 people. Your visit will be kept as short as possible and obviously all social distancing guidelines will be complied with.

Did the visit convince you to finalise your choice? You can enrol straight away at the Howest student administration office.

Three kinds of visits

1. Program specific visit

Up until July 3rd, you can take a tour specific to a certain program. You can book such visit below in no time at all. Select the program you want to discover more about, pick one of the available time slots and enter your personal details.

2. Generic tour of the campus

In the week of July 6th to July 10th, we have planned tours that are more generic, but even then will you be able to enrol at the student administration office. Book your visit here.

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3. Appointment with the talent coaches

You haven’t decided yet, so you prefer a chat with one of our talent coaches? You can also book a time slot with them.

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