Strategic Objectives

Strategic Objectives

In 2008, we wrote ‘bottom-up and top-down’, a challenging strategic plan for 2008-2016 based on the input from the entire Howest community. We formulated a powerful mission and vision and we named the values of which we knew they were part of our DNA: serve, empower and care.

The result was Anticipating the Future, the blueprint of the Howest DNA.

The strategic plan 2008-2016 is coming to its final stage. In 2015 and during the first months of 2016, we wrote the strategic plan 2016-2022. It is a story which seamlessly joins the previous strategic plan. We have clarified our vision, without touching the core. We remain faithful to our DNA: atypical, creative, innovative and entrepreneurial.

The five strategic objectives that we want to work on for the next six years are laid down as follows:

  • Objective 1: Howest grows and innovates
  • Objective 2: Howest is an agile and decisive organization
  • Objective 3: Howest stands for attractive and effective learning
  • Objective 4: Howest intensively works together with the work field
  • Objective 5: Howest creates inspiring and facilitating learning and living environments

Howest Grows and Innovates

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Strategic Objective 1: Howest grows and innovates
/ 2016-2022

Howest strategically anticipates and responds to the social evolutions and the social and technological innovations that result thereof.

Howest does so in order to grow, by innovating in a purposeful way and by setting up new profiles in the market through cooperation with the work field.

Howest expands its portfolio and offers study programmes at several qualification levels. In order to realize this, Howest works together with regional, national and international partners.

Howest addresses new target groups and to that end creates a diversified offer of short-term and long-term educational paths. Howest reinforces its distance training and offers an attractive offer to international students.

Growth and innovation of Howest as a strong brand are carried and conveyed by every staff member.

Howest is an Agile and Decisive Organization

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Strategic Objective 2: Howest is an agile and decisive organization
/ 2016-2022

Howest is an agile organization that flexibly, decisively and adequately responds to changing social contexts.

A healthy financial policy and a services management are crucial conditions for the realization of this objective.

It considers its staff members as its critical success factor. Howest staff members identify themselves with the mission and the vision. They share and convey the values of Howest. Howest staff members are experts who assume their professional roles with commitment.

Within the complementary-composed teams, they are a role model for each other and their students. They are broad networkers who bring their professional network into the study programme/department. As a result, they contribute to the image of Howest.

Howest facilitates the professionalization of its staff members. As an inspiring knowledge centre, Howest gives its staff members all possible opportunities to constantly refine their competencies. It expects them to take the initiative themselves based on an attitude of life-long learning.

Howest Stands for Attractive and Effective Learning

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Strategic Objective 3: Howest stands for attractive and effective learning
/ 2016-2022

Each student is trained in a real professional context using innovative educational tools and a personal approach, with respect for the individuality of every student.

To that end, each study programme team develops an educational concept that is grafted onto the  personal environment of the student,  that responds to the needs and expectations of the work field and that contributes to the effectiveness of  learning.

Throughout their training, the students take more and more responsibility for their own learning process. In real and virtual communities, they learn from and with one another. Committed study programme teams coach the students throughout their entire study programme and perceive themselves to be co-owners of the learning performances. Multidisciplinary projects, international and inter-cultural (learning) experiences create a clear added value and reinforce the learning factor.

Howest maximally valorizes previously acquired qualifications and competences and in this way creates attractive follow-up study programmes and as short as possible a time-to-graduation. For its students, Howest pursues an optimal study choice and study progress. More particularly, Howest monitors the study progress of its first-year students, and integrates this care in its educational policy. With that objective in mind, Howest develops high-performing coaching tools that are permanently assessed.

Howest Intensively Works Together with the Work Field

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Strategic Objective 4: Howest intensively works together with the work field
/ 2016-2022

In order to maximally respond to the needs of the work field and to anticipate new evolutions, the work field is, from the very start of the study programme, a structural partner in the development of each and every aspect of the training, the vision development and the development of specific assignments for the students.

Workplace learning and a dynamic and inspiring input of the work field in the growth process of students into start-competent professionals are an integral part hereof.

Howest shares its expertise with the work field. Valorizing research and services reinforce education and contribute to the image of Howest as prized (international) knowledge partner. Howest creates a platform in which students, study programme teams, alumni and work field experts are equal partners.
Howest encourages initiative and entrepreneurship with its students and staff members. To that end, Howest creates a habitat where the work field and the study programmes reinforce one another.

Howest Creates Inspiring and Facilitating Learning and Living Environments

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Strategic Objective 5: Howest creates inspiring and facilitating learning and living environments
/ 2016-2022

Supported by the expertise in its study programmes, Howest creates real and virtual living environments which complement one another, which facilitate and reinforce learning, which encourage synergy and cross-fertilization, which have respect for the symbiosis between studying, work and relaxation, which integrate the city, the neighbourhood and the work field in the Howest community.

Each Howest campus offers a wide range of flexible learning and meeting spaces offering catering and relaxation customized to the users. Connectivity and interaction, accessibility and ample possibility to network facilitate the dialogue with the fellow students, the staff members, the alumni and the (local) economic and social partners.

Each Howest campus visualizes the expertise of its study programmes, its research activities and the learning and growing process of its students in a creative and innovative way.