What is Eduroam?


Eduroam stands for education roaming. It is a system that allows Howest students and staff to use the WiFi infrastructure of other organizations affiliated with Eduroam.

On the other hand, it is also used within Howest to provide European students or staff of European educational institutions with safe and fast access to the internet.

More information can be found on or

What do you need?

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  • A device with wireless network access that supports WPA2 / AES encryption
  • A login and password for your institution (for Howest:
  • Configuration of the eduroam network on your device

Where is Eduroam available in Howest?

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eduroam is available on all Howest campuses.

Use of eduroam
Users of eduroam in Howest must comply with the ethical rules of Hogeschool West-Vlaanderen and the Belnet eduroam policy


How can I connect?

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Choose the wireless network 'eduroam' and enter your Howest login and password.

The first time you use eduroam you will be asked whether you trust the certificate of the wireless network. Accept the certificate.

After that, you should be connected to Howest's wireless network.

If you don't find eduroam in the list of networks, you probably have an older laptop or smartphone. Then choose eduroam-2.4. The login procedure is the same, the network is a bit slower than eduroam ... You can solve this in the case of laptops by purchasing a WiFi USB dongle that supports at least WiFi 5.

Technical Info:

  • Network name / SSID: eduroam
  • Security type: WPA2 Enterprise
  • Encryption type: AES
  • Authentication method: PEAP
  • Authentication protocol: MSCHAP / Sub authentication method: EAP-MSCHAP V2