Resilience together

Resilience together

Resilience together

Saturday October 1, we launch the 'Resilience together' campaign! Together with you, we will highlight the 'importance of mental health and resilience'

Boost your resilience and that of your fellow students with the initiatives below:

What’s soUP?!

Stop by and warm up to a free soup chat in exchange for a motivational quote.

Where can you find us in Bruges? Each time from 9.30am to 11.30am

  • Monday 3/10: BCE
  • Tuesday 4/10: BST1
  • Thursday 6/10: BST5

Where can you find us in Kortrijk?

  • The Penta - from 10h till 13h - Tuesday 4/10

Pin your resilience quote!

Share your inspiration about resilience and who knows, maybe you'll spot your quote on our vibrant campuses!

Walk Connect to collect

Connect to Collect is an interactive walk through the city of Kortrijk, where each nature element has a stop to reflect on how we really feel and what we really think, in order to become aware of our (pre)judgements. Each of the stops will feature an artistic work created by students Mika, Agath or their supporters.

Buddy & Mind

The Buddy & Mind team is a group of motivated students who want to be a listening ear and organise activities to bring students together around mental wellbeing.

Become a buddy? Find a buddy?

Podcasts Cup of Care

Listen to the podcasts of 'Cup of care', a podcast series developed by students as part of the Karavaan project, which highlights the theme 'Being able to be who you are'. In each case, they tell their personal stories with the aim of encouraging others.  Themes such as depression, coping with adversity, peer pressure, self-harm, anxiety and panic, autism spectrum will be discussed and in addition, experts will give their views on the theme.  Maybe you recognise yourself in it and this can be an impetus to talk about it

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