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Studying costs money

Studying costs money

Are you having problems or do you want to be well-prepared to get started? Then the students’ facilities service (Stuvo) can help you!

 Together with a staff member of the social service, you can check to what extent you are eligible for study financing. This service always proceeds as follows:


Step 1

If you are entitled to a scholarship of the Flemish Government, you can receive an advance payment.


Step 2

Is there, in addition to the scholarship, still need for study financing? On the basis of a financial file, it can be checked whether or not study financing is still possible via Stuvo.


This can e.g. be financing of a laptop/tablet, study trip, support in the rent of a dig or another study cost. We look for a custom solution and your financial possibilities are taken into account.

Student job

In addition to study financing, a student job is also a source of income. You can address a staff member of the Stuvo social service for advice and support for anything that relates to student jobs.

To support you in your quest for a student job, we put incoming job applications on a ‘working student system’. If you are interested, make sure to have a look!

Allowances for students?

Sometimes a student is eligible for a living wage or unemployment allowances. Or perhaps you combine work, study and/or family. A Stuvo staff member is at your service!

Your statute as a student

Because of  your statute as a student, you have a number of advantages in the field of social security, taxes, child allowances, ... But of course there are also limits to these avantages. To check your rights and obligations as a student, you can contact 'centen voor studenten’ or ‘Student@work’.

For more information and custom advice, address a staff member of the Stuvo social service.

Useful links

Social-legal advice

Social-legal aspects of studying

You can also address a Stuvo social service staff member for advice and support all social-legal aspects of studying.

Questions such as:

  • What if i stop studying? 
  • Am i entitled to child allowance while I'm a higher education student? 
  • Can I get a living wage as a student

  • Being a job seeker, can I study without losing my allowance?

  • When I combine work with studies, am I entitled to educational leave?

  • When I graduate, what do I have to do to keep my statute in line with the regulations?


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