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Welcome to the reporting centre for cross-boundary behaviour

Within our college, we attach great importance to listening and being able to report cross-boundary behaviour. Below you will find more information on the meaning of cross-boundary behaviour and the approach within our college.


Frequently asked questions about cross-boundary behaviour

Do you have questions about our reporting center?

Transgressive behaviour is behaviour that crosses our personal boundaries. It can come in different forms: verbal or physical violence, harassment, unwanted sexual behaviour, discrimination, stalking, racism, unjustified accusations, etc.

It is a subjective thing: certain behaviour can be transgressive for one person and acceptable for another. How you feel about it counts! Everyone has their boundaries and these should be respected. You too have the right to indicate your limits. If people cross these boundaries, we speak of transgressive behaviour.

Unwanted transgressive behaviour occurs everywhere, so also at college.

The hotline wants to lower the threshold by offering you the opportunity to share your story in complete confidentiality. Unwanted cross-border behaviour can affect your general well-being and have an impact on your daily functioning, both mentally and physically. Confiding in someone and daring to talk about it is not an easy step, but it is so important.

Every report is taken extremely seriously and treated confidentially and with respect by the confidant. By making the report and talking about it, the direction you want to take can be examined together.

But even if no further steps are taken, it is advisable to report cross-border behaviour so that we can further shape our prevention policy and, if necessary, take appropriate preventive measures.

Students, Howest staff members and third parties (parents, partners, interns, etc.) can report transgressive behaviour.  Only students can report via this reporting point.

If your own boundaries are crossed, if you are a witness or are indirectly involved, you can report this through this hotline.

Your report will go to the student services confidential advisers. The information you share will be treated confidentially. The confidential advisor of the student services department (Stuvo Howest) is bound by professional secrecy.

Through the flow chart below, you can see at a glance what you can report and what steps are possible in this process. You decide what happens to the report, right from the start. Your report is made by the report form. You can choose to report anonymously or not anonymously.

Flow grensoverschrijdend gedrag melden


Do you wish to testify anonymously?