Yes, I want to go abroad!

Info evenings internationalization

Our English-taught bachelor programmes organise specific information sessions to inform the international degree students of the multiple study and traineeship abroad options their programme offers them. The international relations coordinator of the study department will inform the students about the info session.


Nursing and Biomedical Laboratory Technology training coordinators visit partner university Zhejiang Chinese Medical University in Hangzhou.

Howest also encourages its teaching and administrative staff to regularly gain international experience through participation in study trips abroad, conferences, further training, international project work or teacher exchange with partner universities within or outside Europe. Training in the foreign work field is also possible.

Via Erasmus and the Grant Program of the Province of West Flanders, staff members can apply for a grant to co-finance their mobility. Apart from this, every mobile staff member will of course receive a full expense allowance for the mobility period abroad.

International Office welcomes all contacts and initiatives of teachers that may lead to the conclusion of new cooperation agreements, both in the field of mobility and project work.

    Cultural preparation

    Margot Janssens / Applied Psychology / India From Within

    You will learn a lot more from your experience abroad if you leave with a basic insight into the cultural differences that await you and with a backpack of “do's and don'ts” regarding intercultural communication.

    Howest offers a free 

    • compulsory coaching trajectory specifically for students who go on an internship to the global South.
    • voluntary coaching trajectory, our Connect program, for students who undertake study or internship mobility to an industrialized country within or outside Europe.

    Authors such as Geert Hofstede, S. Paul Verluyten, Richard Lewis and Geert Mak are classics to update your intercultural skills. Jeanne Boden's books are a must for mobility to China. You will find these and many other publications in the Howest libraries, easily localized via the online catalog, under keywords such as "international", "internationalization" or "intercultural".

    Geert Hofstede, inventor of the world-renowned cultural dimensions, gives an overview of his “6-D model of national culture”. You can also compare the "culture scores" of our country with those of your host country, based on Hofstede's model.


    Ruben Farkas / Applied Psychology / Finland / Erasmus studie

    Anyone who goes on a study or internship abroad arranges their own trip independently. Of course, this does not apply to classroom study or inspiration trips, nor to the various short-term mobility initiatives in which groups of students participate, often under the supervision of a teacher.


    Bram Robyn / Multimedia & Communiacation Technology / China From Within

    If your mobility takes place through a Howest partner institution, then chances are that they will help you find suitable accommodation in your host region, or that they will have an offer themselves. The support can take many different forms, from actually reserving a student room to simply sending an address list.
    Certain European partner institutions are not even concerned with accommodation at all. Our overseas partners, on the other hand, offer standard accommodation on campus.

    Those who are going to do an internship abroad may have to make up their own minds, or be lucky enough to meet a very helpful mentor. Of course, searching for internships in the South is not an option: we expect maximum support from the internship partner there!
    Within Europe, students are sometimes referred to a mediation office, which usually also charges for the service provided. So be careful before you accept such “help”.

    For those who have to search for a suitable room themselves, a little sense of initiative will be an important part of the foreign experience. If you are within Europe (Erasmus area), check whether there is a local ESN association at your destination, and whether it can provide you with some information about the price of accommodation and the best approach to find a room ...

    The cost of accommodation abroad depends very much on the region, your own requirements and whether or not the student residences of the partner school are available. Your partner school or internship organization will be able to inform you about the average rental prices at the destination. Often your Internationalization coordinator can also give you an idea of the prices, based on the experiences of other students.

    First aid for all your travel and paperwork questions


    Kamiel gives you basic information about the following "paperwork questions" that you could ask during your study abroad or internship: child allowance - waiting time - waiting & unemployment benefits - health insurance - taxes - travel & residence papers.

    Wegwijzer vzw

    Wegwijzer Reisinformatie vzw is happy to help you on your way! Wegwijzer vzw is an expertise center for travel and aims, independently and with a critical attitude, to provide information to travelers in order to encourage them to more consciously travel behavior. The team will answer any question about travel or destinations.

    Travel wise!

    Travel wise! the online brochure of our federal government that provides answers to concrete questions that are often asked to Foreign Affairs, Foreign Trade and Development Cooperation or to Belgian embassies or consulates abroad.


    Joke De Wispelaere / Applied Health Sciences / USA / Generieke Beurs

    West Flanders University of Applied Sciences insures its students who are abroad, just like the students who continue to study at Howest. This applies in case of study abroad, internship or study trip.

    The usual school insurance therefore continues during all travel and accommodation activities.

    It goes without saying that the transfer abroad must be organized or recognized by the university college, and that the international service is informed of this via the online Registration Internationalization.

    The students are insured against physical accidents and with regard to civil liability, as stipulated in chapter "Safety and Insurance" of the Education and Examination Regulations. Important note here for those who go on an internship abroad: the physical accident cover only applies in the case of unpaid internship abroad. Students who are reimbursed more than pure expense cover must ensure through the internship contract that the internship organization provides them with cover against physical accidents. If not, they are obliged to take out adequate insurance themselves!

    Health insurance: the student contacts his own health insurance fund about their specific conditions for study / internship stays as a student abroad for at least three months. The student must also apply for the European Health Insurance Card at the relevant health insurance fund.

    During your stay abroad you are not insured for normal medical expenses or repatriation. Taking out your own travel insurance is highly recommended, and is even mandatory in case of study, internship or project at a destination outside Europe. Note: many travel insurance policies are only valid for a stay abroad for a maximum of 6 months. If longer, you must report this and pay extra. Specifically for internship or project in the global South, you should check whether your travel assistance insurance also applies to your country of destination, whether it offers enough coverage (travel assistance, repatriation, legal assistance), or whether it covers the full duration of your internship. Also check whether an internship in the context of your study program is eligible for coverage in any case. Specifically for study at our overseas partner universities, you should check on their website which insurance requirements they set and the policy you take out accordingly (the universities in the US, for example, require very high insured values, where not all policies that you have in Belgium can close to meet). The insurance that is offered free of charge by the health insurance companies to all affiliates is usually not sufficient for southern internships. You can request a personal extension of travel assistance from Howest school insurance (paying - contact in good time and, if necessary, state the requirements of the partner institution in that area).

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