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International mobility

Capucine Bollé / Applied Health Sciences / Gambia / Internship abroad

The fact that international mobility offers a fundamental added value, both for students and teachers, is absolutely clear. A well-framed study / internship or teaching period abroad gives you a privileged view of the educational affairs or field of work in the country in question. It sharpens your international and intercultural skills, including your fluency in foreign languages. The international perspective opens up new doors within your field.

Numerous Howest graduates testify that the opportunities on the labor market increase for those who have learning or work experience abroad. Employers appreciate typical qualities of mobility students: flexibility, entrepreneurship, mobility, self-reliance and language skills. Furthermore, such an international period broadens your outlook, creates new friendships, teaches you how to deal with diversity and intercultural dialogue, and promotes independence, assertiveness and maturity.

Large-scale studies into the impact of the Erasmus program have now also shown that graduates with international experience do better in the labor market. You will find this and all other added value in the Erasmus Impact Studies of 2014 and 2019.

The Howest courses also offer numerous 'Internationalization at Home' initiatives, such as inviting foreign guest lecturers and student delegations, or participating in international projects in which the distances are bridged through digital collaboration. Each campus also has International Days. This way, even the most stable Howesters come into contact with the international dimension of their field of study or work. All Howest students can also become “buddy” of one of the numerous “internationals” who enter our English-taught semesters or courses. The buddyship is very enriching in an intercultural way and leads to wonderful international friendships.

As a student, if you want to give your study period an international turn, Howest certainly offers you all the options. Scroll through our internationalization page and learn all about recognized study periods at one of our 200 European & intercontinental partner schools, internships abroad, study trips, global engagement in the context of a southern internship, financial support and guidance, ...

We also encourage our teachers and employees to go international and to share the added value of their mobility experience with students and colleagues.

Erasmus policy statement 2021-2027

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Howest is holder of the Erasmus Charter for Higher Education 2021-2027 and actively participates in the Erasmus + programme under the code B KORTRIJ03.

Read the Erasmus Policy Statement 2021-2027, on the basis of which the Erasmus Charter for Higher Education was awarded to Howest.


Axel Brabants / Industrieel Productontwerpen / Portugal / Erasmus studie

Howest programs work together with partner colleges and universities in no fewer than 43 countries worldwide. As a student you can go there for a semester study exchange, sometimes for your internship or bachelor's thesis, or for an international week or project. View the overview per country.

Of course, not every study program works together with all those partners, but in any case, every Howest student gets the full opportunity to spread its wings and a wide choice in terms of destination.

Study trips

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Travel abroad as part of your program

Most study program organize a trip abroad as part of their program. As a student, you will come into contact with other cultures and habits, you will see practical examples from abroad that you will also actively work with, and you will gain experience or inspiration for your later job.

A study trip is fully integrated into your curriculum and is linked to credits. So there are assignments and evaluation. In principle, participation is mandatory. Naturally, the study program keeps the costs as low as possible. Students who cannot manage this financially can turn to Stuvo Howest, our student services department. Those who cannot participate for valid reasons will receive a replacement assignment to obtain those credits.

In addition, there are also inspirational trips within certain study programs: non-compulsory trips abroad that are organized outside of class times, for example to liven up graduation as a class group.

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Be a buddy

Want an international experience without even leaving Belgium?

You can be a Buddy to a Howest international student! Help your international pal feel welcome & open up your world!

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Why be a buddy to an international student?

  • To spread your wings
  • To expand your world view
  • To welcome diversity
  • To give someone a sense of home
  • To share your country and culture
  • To embrace new cultures
  • To practice a language
  • To be part of a global community
  • To increase your chances of travelling
  • To increase your chances of getting a study or internship abroad scholarship from Howest
    • If you apply for a study or internship abroad scholarship / opportunity, make sure to mention that you’ve been a buddy as that is one of the criteria for being chosen! It’s no guarantee but it definitely can help!
  • You’ll be invited to all of our International Happy Hours and events!
  • In Kortrijk, you’ll have access, with your international pals and our global community to the Oasis Student Lounge and garden!
  • If you’re a really engaged buddy and share your experience, feel free to ask for a recommendation letter or reference. You’ll receive a buddy certificate too!

Interested in being a buddy during the autumn 2022 semester in Kortrijk or Bruges?

Find more info here! Sign up here and we’ll contact you! Feel free to contact us as well, if you have any questions about being a buddy!