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You can follow Chinese in Kortrijk and in Bruges as if you were sitting in the school benches in China.

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China from within

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Every year during the Easter holidays and the week before or after, about sixty Howest students from the professional bachelor's programs follow an intensive curriculum at Zhejang Gongshang University or Zhejiang Chinese Medical University, in Hangzhou, China. These universities are partners of Howest and have beautiful campuses with impressive sports facilities, restaurants, shops, libraries ...

The curriculum includes Chinese language and culture lessons, and is also tailored to the disciplines of the participating students. Furthermore, there are also field visits and beautiful tourist trips on the program, as well as numerous activities with local Chinese students.

Hangzhou, capital of Zhejiang Province, is a bustling metropolis and one of China's top tourist destinations, with the beautiful West Lake.

The group also spends three days in Beijing and three days in Shanghai. In short, an unforgettable China experience.

Students testify

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David Brock

David did an internship in Hangzhou thanks to a grant from the Province of West Flanders.

“It is a big step to do an internship in China, but once you have made that choice, it will undoubtedly be the best period of your life: you learn to work with people from a completely different culture, your network will be expanded considerably, you will flourish completely open on a personal level… China is simply THE country par excellence to empower your future! ” (David Brock - International Marketing)

David Brock 3rd year student
Bachelor in Business Management - International Marketing - Howest (Bruges)


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Glenn Andries

Glenn recorded this video for us as a result of an information evening around the China fairs of the Province of West Flanders, at the end of 2013. He could not personally testify because he is following a master's degree in China, at Howest's partner university, Zhejiang Gongshang University in Hanghzou. Glenn met this University through our China from within study trip. Once he got his bachelor's degree, he went there again to study Chinese intensively for a year, with a scholarship from Zhejiang Province. He is currently doing a Master in International Commercial Sciences. He tells all about it in Dutch in this video. 

Bachelor Netwerkeconomie - Howest (Brugge)


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Sarah Vandermeersch

"A wonderful way to get to know Chinese student life"

Communication Management - PR & Events - Howest (Kortrijk)


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Elke Claeys

"China from Within was a once in a lifetime experience that I often think back to. It has broadened my thinking"

Applied Psychology  - Howest (Brugge)


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Dunja Coppens

"Since I came back from China, I feel like a different person. I am calmer, more tolerant and more open in personality. China has made me realize how beautiful the world is and how important it is to enjoy every day."

Applied Psychology  – Howest (Brugge)


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Birgit Coucke

“Thanks to Howest, a new world opened up, the Asian one! China from within was a wonderful experience that encouraged me to go much more internationally.”

Biomedical Laboratory Technology  - Howest (Brugge)

Scholarship West Flanders Province

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The province of West Flanders wants, by means of a subsidy, to encourage higher education institutions such as Howest to set up internships or exchange projects with its sister provinces in China.

Howest actively participates in the Program of the Province of West Flanders, which also retains an important focus on China under the current Provincial Government. Each year, both Howest students and lecturers receive a grant that helps them to have an indelible intercultural learning, internship or teaching experience in a Chinese company or work field organization, or at our partner universities the Zhejiang Gongshang Unversity in Hangzhou and The Tao Academy in Shanghai.

Subsidy regulations for learning, work and research experiences of the Province of West Flanders