Educational organization

Education and Examination Regulations (EER)

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The education and examination regulations lists the rights and obligations, the procedures and the general functioning of the teaching and examination activities.

It is the agreement of all students with the Howest and is therefore of the utmost importance. If you, as a student, want a copy on paper, apply for it via the student administration.

Exemptions via PAQ and PAC's

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With what you have previously studied (previously acquired qualifications - paq) you can request exemptions for certain course sections or study units.
The granting of exemptions based on paq is regulated by Howest's education and examination regulation.

Guide for applicants

With the competences you have learned elsewhere through experience (previously acquired competences - pac), your study path may be shortened. The AUGent pac regulations offer all the possibilities.

pac guide for the candidate

Attention: At Howest we work with fixed acceptance dates for the registration of a pac procedure. These are the 1st of April and the 1st of November. These dates are the deadlines for submitting a PAC file, in order to be able to apply for exemptions before the start of the semester.

Admission examination

Admissions exam for bachelor study programmes

You did not obtain your secondary education diploma but you still want to follow a bachelor's course? Then use either the Admissions Exam or the Admissions Check.

You are 21 years or older

You will reach the age of 21 at the latest on December 31st of the academic year for which you will register: you must opt for the AUGent admissions exam.

You are not yet 21 

You have not yet reached this age or will not reach it on time: you must register to obtain a credit certificate for one or more course units via a credit contract: you can register after completing the admissions check procedure at Howest.

Admission test for associate degree programmes

Are you 18 years old and do not meet the admission requirements, but you still wish to enrol in a associate degree programme? It is still possible after a successful admission test.

One participation per academic year allowed.



Study credit

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What is Study credit?

The Flemish government decided to introduce the “study credit” as of the academic year 2008-2009, a system to monitor the study progress of all students. You, the student, will be co-responsible for your study career.

The study credit is completely independent of whether or not you receive a study grant/scholarship.

Tuition fees

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The tuition fees for the bachelor's study programmes, preparation and transition programmes are listed in the table below.

The tuition fees for the graduate-after-bachelor courses, postgraduate courses, postgraduate and foreign-language courses are approved by the Executive Council for each course and / or professional programme. 

Overview of the 2021-2022 tuition fees

  • Diploma and credit contracts
  Fixed part Variable part
(per SC)
(based on 60 SC)
Non-scholarship student € 247,90 € 11,90 € 961.90
‘Almost’ scholarship student € 247,90 € 4,30 € 505.90
Scholarship student € 113,20 € 0 € 113,20


  • Examination contracts
  Fixed part Variable part
(per SP)
All students € 113,20 € 4,30


  • Tuition fees for non-EEA students studying English Taught Bachelor courses
    cfr. Codex Higher education Art. II.215 for students not covered by cat. 1-7.
  Fixed part Variable part
(per SC)
All students € 1081,90 € 98,00


Programme-specific additional study costs 2021-22 (subject to changes)

Specific and limited costs for the use of goods and the organisation of specific events are charged to the student insofar as they are directly related to the organisation of the course.

Certain costs are charged on a flat-rate sum basis to students with a diploma contract or to students with a credit contract of 18 or more credits. These costs include, among other things, costs for:

  • ISIC international student card with numerous benefits;
  • Copy and printing costs of various information bundles for example, kick-off week, study visits, international days, job happening, graduation grant;
  • Use of multimedia rooms, studios and loan-out multimedia equipment;
  • IT support by ICT helpdesk;
  • Unlimited electricity consumption for charging mobile devices;
  • Non-individually calculated consumables for labs, practicals, bachelor’s thesis, internship;
  • Copyrights (Reprobel);
  • Use of electronic media library databases, intra-media library traffic;
  • Basic software package with Microsoft Office (via Microsoft Campus Agreement of Howest), Microsoft Visual Studio and other developer tools (Imagine (Dreamspark) via Microsoft Campus Agreement of Howest), Mathematics, E4Progress Office training, HogeschoolTaal NL and UK (Plantyn), Digital Word trainer (Die Keure), Siemens NX, McAfee Antivirus, Alinea in the cloud (Sensotec), LinkedIn Learning, Digital workbook (Explio), LINQPad etc. 

This flat-rate cost is 100 euros.

In addition to this fixed cost, a course-specific cost is charged for certain study programmes. This results in a total additional study cost in accordance with the table below:

Opleiding Reason Total additional study costs
Communication management Additional software Adobe Creative Cloud € 158
Digital arts & entertainment (Dutch + English) Additional software Adobe Creative Cloud;
Access to and possibility to borrow course-specific game hardware and infrastructure;
Specific events and lectures with domestic and foreign experts, organisation of study nights and other community building activities with an international student population, specific to the international character of the course.
€ 298
Digital design and development DEVINE Additional software Adobe Creative Cloud € 158
Industrial Product Design Additional software Adobe Creative Cloud € 158
Industrial informatics: multi-media techniques (MIT) Additional software Adobe Creative Cloud € 158
System and network management Additional Cisco license € 105
Journalism Lidmaatschap van de officiële beroepsvereniging van journalisten en Inschrijvingsgeld Quindo € 135
Marketing and communication support Extra software Adobe Creative Cloud € 158
Multimedia and Creative Technlogies Additional software Adobe Creative Cloud, Pluralsight license and Additional Cisco license € 195
Industrial Informatics:Online & Offline Graphic Design Additional software Adobe Creative Cloud € 158
Programming Additional Pluralsight license € 140
System and network management Additional Cisco license €105
Applied architecture Additional software Adobe Creative Cloud € 158
Applied Computer Science Additional Cisco license €105


  • For all software included in the additional study costs the license is valid for one academic year.
  • For enrolments with 30 credits or less, the amount is reduced by 30 euros. For the Digital Arts and Entertainment course, the amount is reduced by 100 euros.
  • For courses specifically for working students, the amount is reduced by 30 euros.

Lost Diploma?

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Have you lost your certificate? Then you can request a replacement certificate or a duplicate of your diploma from the student secretariat where you studied: or or

Did you obtain your diploma before 2006? Then you cannot obtain a duplicate, but we can provide you with a certificate confirming that you have obtained your diploma.

Always write down your name, date of birth, education, and year of graduation with the application. The application is subject to an administrative fee.