Raft to and from the campus ... An employee of Stuvo is happy to help you on your way!

The most efficient way to move as a student is by bike!

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In Kortrijk you pay 5 euro a month, you can reserve your bike online.



In Brugge you pay  6 euro each month. The minimum rental period is 3 months. Starting from August you can reserve your bike online. In Bruges the amount of bikes are limited, so register fast. 


In 47 cities through With a blue bike card you can reserve a bike in 47 cities. For only 3 euros you get a subscriptioncard with 2 free rides send to your home. Next to the subscription of 3 euro, you pay for one ride (24u) maximum 3 euro. You will receive the bill by the end of the month by mail. Register through and choose ‘student’.

Biking map

Find information about the 'schoolfietsroutekaart' of your city. This cards shows you how to find a safe bikingroute to your school.  

Bikeparking BUDA Kortrijk

The bikes at the Budafactory need to be parked in the osheltered bikeparking BUDA.  The first zone for 72 bikes is for free and acessible between 06h00 and 02h00, the second zone is only for subscripted members. You can ask a subscription as a student for a discountprice of 20 euro/year. You will also need to buy once a badge to be able to enter (15 euro). The subscription needs to be requested at the reception of  Howest Kortrijk – The Level, Botenkoperstraat 2. Don't forget to bring along your ID and studentcard. 

Public transport

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Buzzy pass

Thanks to Stuvo you get a reduction of 35% on the purchase of your buzzy pass or omni-pass. Apply now on-line! This reduction is only valid for applications via this link.

Attention: Start date of your pass, at the earliest 14 days after your application. So, ... make sure to apply on time!

Combi-pass NMBS - De Lijn

For combi-passes NMBS - De Lijn, you also get a reduction of 35% on the bus part. You must first purchase your combi-pass yourself and you then receive the refund after filling in the form.

Bus pass Kortrijk

A few years ago, the city of Kortrijk, the student facilities service and De Lijn entered into a fantastic deal: each student gets - subject to an administrative cost of €10.00 - a bus pass with which he or she can ride on every bus within the territory of greater Kortrijk. Apply now on-line!

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Upon presentation of the enrolment certificate you receive upon enrolment, you can purchase an NMBS school pass or campus card. With this pass or card, you can travel at student tariff.


De medewerkers van de dient studentenvoorzieningen van Howest respecteren jouw privacy. Voor de behandeling van je aanvraag voor een tussenkomst in het openbaar vervoer worden gegevens van jou verzameld en verwerkt.

Alle informatie over welke gegevens verwerkt worden en hoe we hier op een correcte manier mee omgaan, kan je hier nalezen.


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When you study in the city or live in digs, you do not need your own car, right? By foot, by bike, by train, by bus or by tram, you will get wherever you need (or want) to be. Most of the time that is, because every now and then a car can be useful.

Especially for you, there is a special car sharing tariff ‘Cambio CAMPUS’! Cambio CAMPUS gives you the freedom to use a car whenever you need one, so ... Without having to buy a car yourself.


Carpooling via Campus pool

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The carpool portal for students

You do not have any means of transport to get to the campus, or you find it unpleasant to drive all the way on your own? The carpool application for commuters is now also available for students. You may find a colleague-student from your neighbourhood to drive together on a daily or weekly basis.

More information via

By car in combination with De Lijn or a bike

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MOBI pass Brugge

Each student of Howest Brugge has the possibility to buy a MOBI pass at the price of  €20/month/per vehicle with which you can park on the large parking lot at the front side of the train station of Brugge Interparking. Address: Buiten Begijnevest, 8000 Bruges.

This parking lot, situated next to the station, is the ideal transfer to public transport: all buses of De Lijn pass through here. With the MOBI pass you can also use this public bus transport for free between the station and the inner city.

To use this service, go to the reception desk of campus St.  Jorisstraat 71 or campus Rijselstraat 5 to receive, upon presentation of your student card, a signed document, stamped and dated by the general principal.

Afterwards you further complete this document with your details and you go to: NV INTERPARKING Disctrict Vlaanderen, Hoefijzerlaan 12 - 8000 Brugge - or to the office on the parking lot itself, which can be found at the exit of the Interparking.

If you wish to cancel your pass at the termination of your studies/employment or if you no longer need it, you’d better do so a month in advance at the Interparking desk.


Park + Bike or Bus Wembley Kortrijk

You can park your car for free on Parking Wembly - Moorseelsestraat 116 Kortrijk. This park and bike/bus parking is 1 km away from Howest The Level and 2.5 km away from Howest Graaf Karel de Goedelaan. From this parking, you can take a free bus to and from Kortrijk Station (bus lines 42 and 62). The closest bus stop is De Appel. 

By car

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For the locations Howest Kortrijk – Graaf Karel de Goedelaan, Howest Kortrijk – The Level and Howest Kortrijk – Budafabriek, it is recommended to use the car parks BUDA and HAVEN. For Parking BUDA, the special rate amounts to 35 Euros/month (< 1,50 Euros/day) and for Parking HAVEN, the special rate amounts to 20 Euros/month (< 1,00 Euro/day). This is valid for a pass from Mondays to Fridays, from 08:00 am to 08:00 pm. A badge should be purchased (non-recurring cost of 15 Euros). The pass shall be applied for at the reception desk of Howest Kortrijk - The Level, Botenkoperstraat 2. Do not forget to bring your identity card and student card.


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Brugge and Kortrijk

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