Tailor-made guidance

Tailor-made guidance

Student guidance at Howest includes a lot of measures and activities that study programme staff members take to coach you, as a person under development, as optimally as possible and to offer maximal learning opportunities and chances of success from the very start.

Several people are involved in the coaching, in the role of lecturer, supervisor, coach, study track advisor, study coach, or psychosocial assistant. Students too can take part in the guidance of (younger) students, in the role of student mentor.

Therefore, student guidance is not just guaranteed by the individual student coach, but considered a responsibility of the entire study programme team.

In addition, student guidance is offered by supportive services outside the study programme. You can contact the talent coaches and the student facilities service for support if you e.g. have a functional impairment or disability, if you need help with the development of your study method and planning, if you have questions of a psychosocial nature, or if you need material assistance.

Tutoring or additional support at the level of the module

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Outside the courses, each lecturer is available for questions concerning the subject matter, you can e.g. ask for explanation of an assignment, for assistance in processing the subject matter or in preparation of exams. To that end, you can address the lecturer concerned before or after class, make an appointment or attend a scheduled monitoring session.

Coaching or additional support at the level of the study programme

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A coach is a member of the study programme team. At the start of the academic year, you are assigned a mentor. You can address him/her for non-subject-matter-related assistance, such as your integration in the university of applied sciences and arts, the study programme and the student group, for questions about the study programme, the practical organization, ...

Coaching can be organized individually and/or in group, scheduled in the timetable or upon spontaneous registration or referral.

Study track advisor

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A study track advisor built according to the fixed study programme may not be the best choice for you.

The study track advisor of your study programme informs and advises you about possible study line choices both at the enrolment and in the event of a study line change. In consultation with the student, the study track advisor elaborates an individual study line and adapts it, taking into account your capabilities and the load, and the structure and coherence of the curriculum of the study programme.

You may have several reasons for choosing such an individual study line:

  • Perhaps you have already obtained diplomas (EVK’s) or you have plenty of  work experience (EVC’s) and now you want to be exempted on the basis thereof?
  • Perhaps you do not have a diploma of secondary education, but you would like to take up studies in higher education (via the Admission Examination)?
  • Perhaps your first year of study was not really successful and you have to retake a number of subjects the next academic year, but you also take up a number of subjects of the next year?
  • Perhaps you study under special circumstances (do you have a disability or functional impairment, do you have to combine work and study, ... ) ?

The study track advisor of your study programme will help you under all these circumstances to find the optimal route for you!

Company & Organization

Design & Technology

Human & Well-being

Graduate study programmes (HBO5)

Study coaching

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In addition to the guidance from within the study programme, you can address the study coach for extra customized assistance.

Study skills

The talent coach can help you to optimally take advantage of the lectures and seminars, to organize your study on the basis of a good planning, to approach procrastination, ... This coaching is offered via online workshops as well as individually; in the latter case as a customized training. Under ‘workshops’, you will  find the offer for this academic year.

Special statutes and adjustments

The study coach may also help you with the application for a special statute and the accompanying adjustments. This assistance can help you to follow your study line in as comfortable a way as possible. Under ‘adjustments’, you will find information on the application procedure, the substructure, the certificates, the attestations and the adjustments.

The staff of the student services department respects your privacy. For your registration for student support services, data are collected and processed from you. All information on which data is processed and how we handle this correctly can be found here

Digital workshops for this academic year

  • Studying: How Do You Get Started in Higher Education?
  • Work on your study method and get more out of your brain. 
  • Efficient Planning and Organizing!
  • Get grip of your time: examination planning and the importance of Feed-Forward and Feed-Back.
  • What If I Would Approach Things Differently? The importance of (self-)reflection!
  • What If I Indeed Would Study Efficiently?
  • #Good examination planning #Successful examinations #Holidays

Contact Talent Coaches

Study Programmes in Bruges

  • Florence Warlop / +32 474 56 08 90  / make an appointment
    • PROFESSIONAL BACHELORS:  Sports and Movement (SB) / Social Work (SW-B)  / Applied Health Sciences  (TGW) / Applied Psychology (TP)
  • Dascha Debruyne / +32 475 79 31 68 / make an appointment
    • PROFESSIONAL BACHELORS: Biomedical Laboratory Technology  (BLT) / Educational Bachelor Secondary Education (BaSo) / Educational Bachelor Primary Education (BaLo) / Educational Bachelor Preschool Education (BaKo) / Nursery (VPL) 240 & 150.
    • SHORT EDUCATIVE BACHELOR: Secondary Education (Baso-VT)
    • GRADUATE TRAINING Architectural Drawing (GRAD BT)
  • Jeffrey Declerck / +32 471 61 23 74 / make an appointment
    • PROFESSIONAL BACHELORS: Applied Informatics (TI)
    • GRADUATE STUDY PROGRAMMES: Programming (GRAD PRG), Network Management (GRAD NWB) / Internet of Things (GRAD IoT)
  • Anneleen Grootaert / +32 477 33 06 74 / make an appointment
    • PROFESSIONAL BACHELORS: Business Management (BM), Office Management (OM)
    • GRADUATE STUDY PROGRAMMES: HR support (GRAD HRS), Marketing and Communication support (GRAD MCS), Accounting administration (GRAD AAD) / Multilingual Secretariat (GRAD MS) / Accounting (BH)

Study Programmes in Kortrijk

  • Anneleen Grootaert / +32 477 33 06 74 / make an appointment
    • PROFESSIONAL BACHELORS: Digital Design and Development (Devine) / Ergotherapy (Ergo) / Industrial Product Design (IPO) / Tourism and Recreational Management (TRM) / Multimedia and Communication Technology (MCT)
    • GRADUATE STUDY PROGRAMMES: Multimedia Information Techniques (GRAD MIT)
  • Frank Dejonghe / +32 471/61 67 99 / maak een afspraak
    • PROFESSIONAL BACHELORS: Communication Management (CM) / Journalism (JRN) / Energy Management (ENM) / Social Work (SW-K) / Network Economy (NE)
    • GRADUATE STUDY PROGRAMMES: Marketing and communication support (GRAD MCS)
  • Jeffrey Deklerck / +32 471 61 23 74 / make an appointment
    • PROFESSIONAL BACHELORS: Digital Arts and Entertainment (DAE)
    • GRADUATE STUDY PROGRAMMES: Internet of Things (GRAD IoT)