"Academic software at Howest: a new approach!"

Howest wants to facilitate its students in purchasing the software necessary for their education and, based on a fundamental respect for intellectual property, link this to strict control of the use of legal software.

Each year, you pay a student-friendly license fee for the software you need.

Academic software

Software is not cheap and, as a student, you don't always know which software you will need. Moreover, in order to prevent you from accidentally or illegally downloading illegal software onto your laptop, Howest has chosen to compile a software package for each study program and to make it available to everyone at a student-friendly price through group purchase. Howest - through its partner Academic Software - continuously negotiates with the software suppliers in order to keep the prices low. This initiative is always open to other Flemish Colleges so that bundled larger volumes lead to lower prices. Because of the group purchase, we can reduce the price.

Basic software package

That is why, for a number of years now, Howest already opted to include the licenses for 1 academic year for the Basic Software Package in the fixed additional study cost. This software package contains Microsoft Office (via the Howest Microsoft Campus Agreement), Microsoft Visual Studio and other developer tools (Imagine (Dreamspark) (via Microsoft Campus Agreement from Howest), Mathematica, E4Progress Office training, HogeschoolTaal NL and UK (Plantyn), Digital Word Trainer (Die Keure), Siemens NX, McAfee Antivirus, Alinea in the cloud (Sensotec), Linkedin Learning, Digital workbook (Explio) ... For certain courses, additional software is added, which is also included in the extra study costs. These include Adobe Creative Cloud, PluralSight and Cisco.

The software included in the additional study costs is mentioned in the list of study materials and on the study sheets as “Software to be purchased - via group purchase”.

Study/training specific software

In addition to the software that is included in the additional study costs, study/training programs can also make learning-specific software compulsory, the license model and/or volume of which does not make it possible to include this in the group purchase. This software is mentioned on the study sheet and in the list of study materials as “Software to be purchased - information during study program”. This software is distributed via Purchase and payment are entirely online. Information about this software can be obtained during the study program.

The software is made available via download at the start of the academic year.


Howest attaches great importance to innovation, creativity and entrepreneurship. Strict respect for intellectual property is a logical consequence. That is why we insist that every student only works with legitimate software.
In accordance with the Education and Examination Regulations (ICT Regulations), checks will be carried out on the possession of and working with legitimate software.