Enroll at Howest

Step 1 is for your pre-registration with Howest. This online registration will help ensure your final registration runs smoothly. In order to pre-register, you will need your electronic identity card and several documents. Don't have all the requested documents yet? No problem, you can upload them later when you finalise your registration.

Step 2 is your final registration. this can be completed online or at the student secretariat on campus from June 27th.

Online registration

Final registration: where and when?

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From Saturday, June 27th, you can complete your final registration. This can be done online or by appointment at the student secretariat (every working day).

Online registration

Open your online registratie and check whether all necessary documents have been uploaded.

Are all your documents in order? Now put together your study programme and sign it. After which your file will then be processed and checked by Howest. Only then will your contract, the request for payment of the tuition fees and any additional study costs be delivered electronically.

Register at the campus

Would you rather make your final registration at the student secretariat? Make sure you have uploaded all the necessary documents first. To do this, open your online registration

Are all your documents in order? Then make an appointment at one of the campuses below. During your appointment, your contract will be drawn up and you can pay the tuition fees and any additional study costs on site by Bancontact.

Study programmes in Bruges

Campus Brugge Station - BST5
Rijselstraat 5

Make an appointment

Study programmes in Kortrijk

Campus Kortrijk Weide -Gebouw J
Graaf Karel de Goedelaan 32

Make an appointment

Study programmes in Oudenaarde

Campus Oudenaarde
Fortstraat 47

Make an appointment

Opening hours, contact details and map

Exemptions or customised programme?

Are you requesting exemptions during your online registratieor do you choose to follow a customised programme? In that case, you will first have to make an appointment with your course counsellor before you can complete your registration. The contact details of your course counsellor can be found in the email you receive after your online registration.

Which documents do I need to upload when registering online?

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  • A copy of your identity card (front and back)
  •  A copy of your secondary education diploma or your provisional diploma + (in the case of a foreign secondary education diploma, proof of admission – see admission requirements)
  • If applicable: attestation showing that you were entitled to an education allowance for secondary education or a study grant from the Flemish government last academic year. When you submit one of these certificates, you pay a reduced tuition fee upon registration (scholarship rate).
  • If applicable: certificate of work or unemployment (@home, bridging programme nursing)
  • Proof that you have taken the entry-level test (bachelor’s Education course)
  • Proof that you passed the artistic entrance exam (bachelor’s Digital Design & Development – Devine course)

Tuition Fees

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Student secretariat

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For information about your registration and your administrative file please contact the student secretariat.

Admission requirements

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Those who want to enrol in a bachelor's programme, must have obtained at least a Flemish secondary education diploma or HBO5. Direct enrolment is also possible with a Dutch VWO and MBO level 4 diploma.

Students with a different (foreign) secondary education diploma can register if their diploma offers access to the university in the country where they obtained their diploma and if they meet the language requirements included in the education and examination regulations. First, send an email to toelating@howest.be to check whether your diploma is eligible. If this is the case, you will receive a certificate of admission with which you can register.

Those who wish to enrol in a graduate programme can do so with a secondary education diploma, but also with a certificate from the second year of third grade BSO that was obtained at least 3 years ago.

Anyone who does not meet these conditions will still be given the opportunity to register via an admission test. There are special procedures for the admission examination.

If you want to enrol in a bachelor's education programme, you must first take the Primary Education, Secondary Education, Nursery Education entry test.

If you want to enrol in the bachelor course for Digital Design & Development, you must first pass an artistic entry test.

What you have done before: paq and pac?

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With what you have studied in the past (previously acquired qualifications – paq) or learned elsewhere through experience (previously acquired competences – pac), you may be exempt from one or more course units or parts of the study programme.

There are special procedures for paq and pac’s.

Starting in February

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Do you feel you have not made the right choice of study, but you don't want to feel stuck? In that case, start a new course at Howest in February.

A number of graduate courses will start over again with a model track in February. In this case, you can still obtain your diploma in 2 years’ time.

For other courses, we offer you the opportunity to switch to a course route that suits you through a customised programme. You start in February and the study programme is spread over an extra semester. This way you don't lose a full academic year and you increase your chances of success.

Take a look at the study programmes offered and make an appointment with the course counsellor to work out your customised route together.

Frequently asked questions

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Find answers to frequently asked questions about enrolment, tuition fees, study credits, the start and organisation of the academic year, study materials, software, and laptops.

Veel gestelde vragen

Study credit

Where can I ask questions about registration and my file?

For information about your registration and administrative file, please contact the student secretariat.

How much is the tuition fee?

The tuition fee is € 947.20 for a model course route of 60 credits for non-scholarship students.

For individual course routes, the tuition fee depends on the number of credits taken.

You pay the scholarship fee of € 111.90, if you can prove that you were entitled to an education allowance for secondary school education or received a study grant for the previous academic year (proof from the Ministry of the Flemish Community, study grant department or copy of an account statement).

Tuition fees are paid when registering by Bancontact. Cash or Visa are not accepted.

If it turns out that you are not entitled to a study grant for the current academic year, you will have to pay an additional fee up to the rate of a non-scholarship student.

Will there be extra study costs in addition to the tuition fee?

Costs specifically charged to the student and annual licenses for the Basic software package are added to the tuition fee on a flat-rate basis. For the 2020-2021 academic year, this fixed cost is € 90 (subject to change). Costs for course materials, books, other programme-specific software, study trips, etc are not included.

For certain courses of study, in addition to the flat-rate sum, a motivated, course-specific study fee is charged. This concerns costs incurred for either membership of professional associations, or for additional study course specific software, the use of specific material or attending events.

Can I pay with training vouchers?

Working students without a higher education diploma can pay with a maximum of 250 euros in training vouchers per academic year (in accordance with the regulations of the VDAB, the Flemish Service for Employment and Vocational Training).

Can I pay with KMO-portefeuille (SME portfolio)?

Working students can pay via KMO-portefeuille. Be sure to mention this when registering. The application must be made within 14 days of the kick-off of the academic course.

More info

Am I entitled to a scholarship/study grant?

You can apply for a study grant here on paper or online.

You can contact the Stuvo employee social services for more information. Make an appointment

Are there any financial concessions? Can I pay in instalments?

You can contact the Stuvo employee social services for more information. Make an appointment

I would like an individual course route: apply for exemptions, study part-time or register for only a number of modules.

Would you like to apply for exemptions, study part-time or enter into a credit contract for one or more course units? Then, make an appointment with the course counsellor before your final registration.

Bring the following to your appointment:

  • Official school report / diploma of previous education(s)
  • Study guide / study sheets of previously studied programme(s)

After determining your study programme, you will visit the student secretariat for final enrolment.

My study credit has run out! What now?
  • Study credit does not apply to a graduate course. You can register for this. 
  • For a bachelor's programme, you can only register up to the amount of your available study credit (with the exception of those who have already obtained a master's degree and had their study credit reduced by 140 credits).

You can consult the state of your study credit here

When will I get a student card and what can I do with it?

You will receive your student card at the start of the academic year, after your final enrolment.

With this card, you can enjoy many advantages at home and abroad.

The student card is used to copy, print, pay at the vending machines and in the cafeteria, and to gain access to the car park. You can top up the balance of the student card online, but also at the reception desk.


On and around the campus

Is there any way to get food on campus?

There is a specific offer for lunches per campus (hot dishes, sandwiches, pasta, cold dishes, hot snacks, soup).

Where can I find student accommodation?

You can find all information about student housing on the student accommodation page.

Is there a possibility to rent a bike?
    As a student in Bruges, you can rent a student bicycle through the 'Bruges student city' project with favourable terms. You pay € 6/month. The minimum rental period is 3 months.
    As a student in Kortrijk you can rent a bicycle at Mobiel with favourable terms. You pay € 5/month.
What discounts apply for public transport?
    Certificates for a train subscription are given at the time of final enrolment. This allows you to purchase a school subscription or campus card and travel at student rates.
  • BUS
    When you buy a Buzzy Pass you will get a 35 percent discount. Consult the timetable of De Lijn.
    With the certificate for a train subscription, you can buy a combined season ticket from NMBS/SNCB (Belgian National Railways). You get a 35 percent discount on the bus part. To take advantage you need to fill in this form.
    Students studying in Kortrijk can purchase a De Lijn student pass for bus transport in Groot-Kortrijk (the greater region of Kortrijk). For this, you pay an administrative fee of € 10. More information

I’m coming to school by car. Is there parking nearby?

On the Howest website, you can choose your campus and check the parking facilities.

The start and organisation of the academic year

When does the academic year start?

The academic year starts with the kick-off days, which take place during the week commencing September 14th.

During the kick-off there will be orientation days and information is given about the timetable, education, and examination regulations. As well as, student guidance, the Leho study platform and use of your Howest email account.

You will also have the opportunity to meet new fellow students, look around the Howest campus and Stuvo (student facilities department). In addition, a number of practical arrangements will be made to get the year off to a good start.

Your presence on these kick-off days is a must. The detailed schedule can be found here from September 1st

When do classes start?

Classes for first-year students officially start on Monday, September 21st. In the week before, there are kick-off days during which your presence is essential.

Can I prepare for my future study? Are there entry-level courses?

Howest offers entry-level courses between August 31st and September 11th to prepare you for your graduate or bachelor studies. You review the necessary basic knowledge and get a good idea of what your course really entails. These courses are optional.

More information

Where can I find my timetable?

Group divisions and timetables will be announced during the kick-off week. From then on, the timetables can be found on lesroosters.howest.be.

Where can I find the academic calendar?
When are the holiday breaks in the 2020-2021 academic year?
  • 02/11/2020 – 08/11/2020: Autumn break
  • 21/12/2020 – 03/01/2021: Winter break
  • 01/02/2021 – 07/02/2021: Intersemester break
  • 05/04/2021 – 18/04/2021: Spring break

Study material / software / laptops

Where can I find my book list?

From September 1st you can find the book list on howest.be/kickoffweek.

Where and when can I buy my books?

The book sale is organised by Standaard Boekhandel during the kick-off activities on campus and/or at other pre-announced times.

Payment is can only be made by Bancontact. So be sure to consult the book list beforehand, so you have an idea of the cost price. Bring this book list with you when purchasing your books.

It is possible to receive an invoice, provided you have the necessary information at hand (name and address of the employer, and VAT number).

Are there other course materials besides books?

Courses are offered online and you may print them if desired.

Do I have to have my own laptop to start my studies? If so, which one?

Every Howest student needs a laptop with legal software. The course you study recommends a specific type of laptop. More information about laptops

Do you have any additional questions? Click here or contact us via laptops@howest.be.

Where and when can I buy this legal software?

The software package via group purchase, which is necessary for your studies, is included in the extra study cost. Since the software licenses are valid for one year, the package is only activated at the start of the academic year.

A number of courses use other course-specific software in addition to this software via group purchase. If applicable for your course, a list can be consulted from September 1st at www.howest.be/kickoffweek. This software can be purchased at a student-friendly price from www.academicshop.be/howest.

Additional information

Statutes and facilities

I have a learning disability or functional impairment. How and where can I apply for special status and facilities?

All information about the application procedure, substantiation, supporting documents and certificates can be found via howest.be/facilities.

The course counsellor arranges all facilities and support for and with you, in consultation with the course.

I have student entrepreneur status. What now?

Are you a student entrepreneur, or will you apply for this status? Then you need to contact one of Howest's business coaches.

I am a working student. Am I eligible for Flemish training leave?

Anyone who is employed at least 50 percent in the private sector in the Flemish Region and who is enrolled on a study programme registered on vlaanderen.be/vlaams-opleidingsverlof is eligible for Flemish training leave under certain conditions. Be sure to check these conditions in advance.

Information sessions

Infoavond opstarten in februari (Brugge & Oudenaarde)

27/01 17u-20u
Infoavond opstarten in februari (Brugge & Oudenaarde)


06/03 10u-16u


08/05 10u-16u


26/06 10u-16u


28/08 10u-13u


10/09 17u-20u