Admission student with a foreign diploma

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  4. Tuition fees


Are you an INTERNATIONAL student?  Do you want to study at Howest?

All our other programmes are taught in Dutch.


General admission requirements  for students with a foreign degree

If you have a foreign diploma and you want to enroll in one of our programmes, you will be asked to provide us with the following documents:

  • Application form
  • A certified/legalized copy of your diploma (overview)
  • An official translation of your diplomas in Dutch, English, French or German, if the original diploma is not issued in one of these languages
  • Proof of language requirement 
  • Certificate attesting access to university studies (This document only needs to be enclosed in case you want to enroll in one of our Bachelor programs. If you wish to enroll in an Associate Degree programs, the condition is that the diploma or certificate obtained gives access to higher education in the country where the diploma was awarded)
  • Color copy of identity card/passport (front- and backside)
  • For non-EEA students: proof of payment of  €100 application fee
  • For students of Republic of China: APS certificate
  • For students of Cameroon, Nigeria or Ghana: The institution where you have obtained your basic diploma must send us a copy of your diploma and transcripts under a stamped and sealed envelope.

You can first send a copy of your diploma to our admission office ( to check the equivalence of the obtained degree.


You can send your complete application file to

  • Application deadline: September 1, 2020 (for Applied Computer Science, major Cyber Security, deadline is September 15, 2020)

Your application will not be considered unless you have duly completed the application form, you have added the requested documents and you have paid the application fee (for non- EEA students)

After application

After verification of the complete application file, you will receive an e-mail from us within 3 weeks (excluding university of applied sciences closing times) about whether you meet the admission requirements or not.

If you meet the requirements, you will have to send us a certified/legalized copy of your diploma (secondary of higher) by post. Upon receipt and verification of these documents, you will receive an answer on whether or not your application has been approved. 

Send certified/legalized copy to:

Howest University of Applied Sciences
Admission Office (Attn. Katelijne Demeyere)
Marksesteenweg 58
8500 Kortrijk (Belgium)

Photocopies or digital versions of certified copies are not accepted

In case of approval

  • For EEA students: You will receive the admission letter and you can finalize your enrollment.
  • For non-EEA students: You will receive the admission letter and have to apply for visa: 

When applying for a student visa or residence permit, you need to prove that you have sufficient means of subsistence to cover your living expenses, study, healthcare and repatriation costs.

This can be proved in different ways:

  1. A document certifying that you have been granted a scholarship, sufficient to cover the above-mentioned expenses
  2. A commitment that charge has been taken from a Belgian or foreign guarantor 
  3. For students without one of the above mentioned documents, Howest can provide a certificate of sufficient means of subsistence. You will need to transfer a specified amount to the account of Howest, where the funds will be blocked on a personal account. During the period for which you require a proof of sufficient means of subsistence, these funds will be released in monthly payments to your Belgian bank account. The step-by-step plan to accomplish this can be found here.

Finalizing your enrollment

To enroll: you have to fill in an online registration.
You have to upload the admission letter, together with the documents from the application file in the online registration.
When your file is complete, the administration office, will register your enrollment.

To complete your enrolment, you need to present yourself in person at Howest student administration office with the admission letter you received and a permission or authorization for your stay in Belgium, as stipulated by the law of December 15, 1980 regarding access to the territory, stay, settlement and removal of foreigners.

This can be done by the means below:

  • The identity card of a member state of the European Union
  • The residence permit of a member state of the European Union
  • The identity card for foreigners
  • The registration certificate from the Central Register of Foreigners

Tuition fees

Diploma and Credits Contracts

  Fixed Part Variable part (per credit)
Non-scholarship student tariff € 245,20 € 11,70
Almost-scholarship student tariff € 245,20 € 4,30
Scholarship student tariff € 111,90 € 0

Exam Contracts

  Fixed Part Variable part ( per credit)
All students € 111,90 € 4,30

Tuition fee non-EEA students Bachelor Digital of arts and entertainment and Digital Design & Development
cfr. Codex Hoger onderwijs” art.II.215

  Fixed Part Variable part ( per credit)
All students € 1079,20 € 97,80

Charging Additional Study Costs

Specific and limited costs for the software package Basic, for the use of material and for the organization of specific events are charged to the student, insofar these directly relate to the organization of the study programme. This fixed sum amounts to 90 euros.

For certain training programmes, in addition to this fixed sum, a motivated training-specific study cost is charged. This results in an overall extra tuition fee conform to the table below: 

Training Reason Total extra study cost
Bachelor Journalism Membership of the official professional association of journalists and enrolment fee Quindo €125
Bachelor Applied Informatics Extra license Cisco €95
Bachelor Communication Management Extra software Adobe Creative Cloud €148
Bachelor Industrial Product Design Extra software Adobe Creative Cloud €148
Bachelor Digital design & development - Devine Extra software Adobe Creative Cloud €148
Bachelor Applied Architecture Extra software Adobe Creative Cloud €148
Bachelor Multimedia and Communication Technology - MCT Extra software Adobe Creative Cloud, Pluralsight and Cisco €185
Bachelor Digital Arts and Entertainment (Dutch + English) Extra software Adobe Creative Cloud.

Access to and possibility to the lend training-specific game hardware and infrastructure.

Specific events and lectures by inland and foreign experts, organisation of study nights and other activities in the framework of community building with the international student population, characteristic of the international character of the training
Associate Degree of Computer programming Extra software  Pluralsight €130
Associate Degree of Information Technology :Computer programming Extra software  Pluralsight €130
Associate Degree of Information Technology : Network management Extra license Cisco €95
Associate Degree of Marketing and Communication Support Extra software Adobe Creative Cloud €148
Associate Degree of Industrial Informatics Extra software Adobe Creative Cloud €148

For all software charged under the extra study cost, it concerns a license valid for 1 academic year.