What can your study track advisor do for you?

A study track advisor built according to the fixed study programme may not be the best choice for you.

The study track advisor of your study programme informs and advises you about possible study line choices both at the enrolment and in the event of a study line change. In consultation with the student, the study track advisor elaborates an individual study line and adapts it, taking into account your capabilities and the load, and the structure and coherence of the curriculum of the study programme.

You may have several reasons for choosing such an individual study line:

  • Perhaps you have already obtained diplomas (EVK’s) or you have plenty of  work experience (EVC’s) and now you want to be exempted on the basis thereof?
  • Perhaps you do not have a diploma of secondary education, but you would like to take up studies in higher education (via the Admission Examination)?
  • Perhaps your first year of study was not really successful and you have to retake a number of subjects the next academic year, but you also take up a number of subjects of the next year?
  • Perhaps you study under special circumstances (do you have a disability or functional impairment, do you have to combine work and study, ... ) ?

The study track advisor of your study programme will help you under all these circumstances to find the optimal route for you!

Student en lector werken samen.

Contact your Study track advisor

Company & Organization

  • Bussiness Managementlieven.theys [at] howest.be (Lieven Theys)
  • CommunicationFiliep Vanhonacker
  • Journalismfiliep.vanhonacker [at] howest.be (Filiep Vanhonacker)target="_blank"
  • Network EconomyFiliep Vanhonacker
  • Office ManagementPatricia.Willaert [at] howest.be (Patricia Willaert)
  • Tourism and Recreation ManagementFiliep Vanhonacker

Design & Technologie

  • Biomedical Laboratory TechnologyMieke.Demeyere [at] howest.be (Mieke Demeyere)
  • Banaba Bioinformatics: Jasper Decuyper
  • Digital Arts and Entertainmentkevin.vroman2 [at] howest.be (Kevin Vroman)
  • Digital Design and Development (Devine)Frederik Duchi
  • Energy ManagementTim.Vandendriessche [at] howest.be (Tim Vandendriessche)
  • Industrial Product DesignBieke Masselis
  • New Media and Communication TechnologyStijn.Walcarius [at] howest.be (Stijn Walcarius)
  • Applied ArchitectureLine Beernaert
  • Applied Information TechnologyOlivier.Sourie [at] howest.be (Olivier Sourie)

Human & Well-being

  • Occupational Therapy: Anne.Dejager [at] howest.be (Anne Dejager)
  • Education: Nursery Education: Leen Van der Stock
  • Education: Primary Education: Leen.Van.der.Stock [at] howest.be (Leen Van der Stock)
  • Education: Secondary Education: Karen Desmet
  • Social Work (Bruges) Ann.Valcke [at] howest.be (Ann Valcke)
  • Social Work (Kortrijk) Laurence Dhaene
  • Sports and Movement: Lynn.Matton [at] howest.be (Lynn Matton)
  • Applied Health SciencesEvelyne Lagrou
  • Applied PsychologySofie.Doom [at] howest.be (Sofie Doom)
  • NursingLindsey Van Avermaet
  • Nursing (Bridging Study Programme): Kaat.Cornelis [at] howest.be (Kaat Cornelis)

Graduate study programmes (HBO5)

  • Accounting: hbo.boekhouden [at] ivobrugge.be
  • Building & Construction Drafting: Rudy De Jaegher
  • Information Technology - Network ManagerWilliam.Schokkele [at] gmail.com (William Schokkele)
  • Information technology - Computer ProgrammingWilliam Schokkele
  • Management Assistanthbo.managementassistant [at] ivobrugge.be
  • Multimedia and Information TechnologyDieter Roobrouck


Study coaching

In addition to the guidance from within the study programme, you can address the study coach for extra customized assistance.

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