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  • Brugge company & organisation evening classes Dutch
    Figures, expert work and accuracy: that is what it's all about within the training program of Accountancy-Fiscal Matters. As a future accountant or financial advisor, you play a crucial role within the organization for which you will work. You look at figures, analyze them and map out the financial organization of companies. A diverse task package and a constantly evolving legislation guarantee you have a fascinating job. The time you gain thanks to the growing digitalization can be spent on your clients and services. Also have a look at the other elective tracks:
  • Brugge company & organisation distance learning Dutch, English
    Do you want to show off in offices and companies with a sample of accounting magic? Do you have an eye for detail, an ear for questions from customers and nerves of steel when it comes to deadlines? Are you analytical, precise, punctual but also flexible, and do you like to have a close look at the digits after the decimal point? Look no further, because the count suits the bill: the bachelor’s study programme in the field of Accounting Administration will perfectly suit you. 
  • Acupuncture

    postgraduate certificate
    Kortrijk human & welfare part-time day classes Dutch
    This programme is only available in Dutch!
  • AI for Healthcare

    further education
    Kortrijk design & technology evening classes Dutch, English
    Building on our successful AI @home, the IT bachelor Howest MCT worked together with the bachelor of Biomedical Laboratory Science and the Advanced Bachelor of
  • Brugge company & organisation day classes, evening classes Dutch
    Do you love economics and the world of business? Do you want to become an expert in fields such as logistics, sales, marketing, fiscal matters, finance, HR, ...? Or are you dreaming of a job abroad? When taking the Business Management study programme you will learn-by-doing, from the very first year. Through concrete cases and 2 work placement periods we will train you to become an expert in your professional field!   
  • Building Information Management (BIM)

    postgraduate certificate
    Brugge design & technology part-time day classes Dutch
    This program is only available in Dutch!
  • Brugge design & technology evening classes Dutch
    This program is only available in Dutch!
  • Brugge design & technology distance learning Dutch
    Did the technical side of the construction industry catch your attention? Well then, the associate degree study programme of Building and Construction Drafting, which covers a wide range of construction topics, will perfectly suit you. You will learn to draw plans for each phase of the building process, draw up specifications, study construction details, process technical administration, ... In short, you will be trained into a versatile construction professional. 
  • Cardiologic Nursing

    postgraduate certificate
    Brugge human & welfare part-time day classes Dutch
    This program is only available in Dutch!
  • Chinese Language

    further education
    Brugge, Kortrijk company & organisation distance learning Dutch
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