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  • Brugge company & organisation distance learning Dutch, English
    Do you want to show off in offices and companies with a sample of accounting magic? Do you have an eye for detail, an ear for questions from customers and nerves of steel when it comes to deadlines? Are you analytical, precise, punctual but also flexible, and do you like to have a close look at the digits after the decimal point? Look no further, because the count suits the bill: the bachelor’s study programme in the field of Accounting Administration will perfectly suit you. 
  • AI for Healthcare

    further education
    Kortrijk design & technology evening classes Dutch, English
    Building on our successful AI @home, the IT bachelor Howest MCT worked together with the bachelor of Biomedical Laboratory Science and the Advanced Bachelor of
  • Advanced Bachelor of Bio-informatics @home

    bachelor na bachelor, further education
    Brugge design & technology evening classes English
    Bioinformatics is a new and spectacular field which uses methods from informatics to store and process molecular biological information (DNA, proteins, functions). In bioinformatics, molecular biology is combined with informatics and programming. A bioinformatics scientist is capable of retrieving the necessary information from databases and of using these to make predictions. As a bioinformatician you will look for application possibilities of informatics within the (biological/biomedical) laboratory.
  • Cyber Security

    postgraduate certificate
    Brugge design & technology day classes, part-time day classes English
    Give your career in Cyber Security a boost. The Postgraduate in Cyber Security with a major in Cyber Security at Howest, Bruges, Belgium offers you the ideal education.