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  • Accounting Administration

    associate degree
    Brugge company & organisation day classes Dutch
    Do you want to show off in offices and companies with a sample of accounting magic? Do you have an eye for detail, an ear for questions from customers and nerves of steel when it comes to deadlines? Are you analytical, precise, punctual but also flexible, and do you like to have a close look at the digits after the decimal point? Look no further, because the count suits the bill: the bachelor’s study programme in the field of Accounting Administration will perfectly suit you. 
  • Brugge, Kortrijk design & technology day classes Dutch
    Did the technical side of the construction industry catch your attention? Well then, the associate degree study programme of Building and Construction Drafting, which covers a wide range of construction topics, will perfectly suit you. You will learn to draw plans for each phase of the building process, draw up specifications, study construction details, process technical administration, ... In short, you will be trained into a versatile construction professional. 
  • Brugge, Oudenaarde human & welfare day classes Dutch
    Education changes every day. Schools, classes, pupils... Everyone is different. As a practice teacher, you teach your profession to highly diverse class groups. Within the Educational Associate Degree in Secondary Education we focus on the skills that a practice teacher needs to teach widely heterogeneous groups of pupils. We work innovatively and practice-oriented on the development of a powerful learning environment and focus on collaborative learning. We reflect on the role of a teacher and how he can make the difference for every pupil.
  • HR Support

    associate degree
    Brugge company & organisation day classes Dutch
    Are you a real people person? Someone who wants to help and support others to get the best out of themselves and their careers? Well then, this associate degree study programme is ideal for converting your people skills into professional knowledge and competences which can be very valuable in industry. Because that is where you will end up: you will become the socially aware, beating but also practice-oriented heart of a company or service.  This programme is only available in Dutch!
  • Internet of Things

    associate degree
    Brugge, Kortrijk design & technology day classes, evening classes Dutch
    The world is getting smarter as everything becomes more and more connected through the Internet - a fact we know better as the Internet of Things (IoT). Are you interested in electricity and networking? Do the very latest technologies fascinate you immensely? Do you want to work with IoT applications? Well then, this progressive and brand-new associate degree study programme will perfectly suit you! This programme is only available in Dutch!
  • Social Work

    associate degree
    Brugge human & welfare day classes Dutch
    Do you have a heart for others? Are equal chances and social justice close to your heart? Can your smooth talk put people at ease? And would you like to work with them individually to increase their well-being and help them? 
  • Brugge, Kortrijk company & organisation day classes Dutch
    You get no greater satisfaction than from a successful project, especially when you yourself have played an important supporting role in it. Do you recognize yourself? Well then, the associate degree study programme in the field of Marketing and Communication Support will perfectly suit you. You will learn to work on creative assignments, while not losing sight of your commercial and communicative skills. In short, you will develop into the all-round assistant par excellence, to whom your manager can delegate a great number of tasks without having to worry. You make it happen! 
  • Information Technology

    associate degree
    Kortrijk design & technology day classes Dutch
    Do you speak in web technology? Are IT and multimedia totally your thing and do you follow the new developments and innovations? Would you like to do something with your IT knowledge and graphic skills? And would you like to know everything about how to create a beautiful and user-friendly website? Well then, this associate degree study programme, which moulds you into an all-round supportive front-end web developer, is definitely your future study programme! 
  • Brugge design & technology day classes Dutch
    Creative thinker. Rolling up your sleeves. Image beast. Do you recognize yourself in these descriptions? Well then this is your study programme. The new associate degree study programme of Online & Offline Graphic Design teaches you to think in pixels and to play with designs, so that at the end of the programme you can flawlessly translate ideas into striking, attractive campaigns. With your laptop as your inseparable buddy! 
  • Social Educational Care Work

    associate degree
    Brugge human & welfare day classes Dutch
    Is it in your DNA to help people? Would you, from a social commitment, like to dedicate yourself to client groups with specific care needs? Go for the associate degree study programme in Social Educational Care Work at Howest. Depending on your situation or plans, you can choose a two-year or a three-year model track.  This programme is only available in Dutch!