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  • 3D Animation

    Minor van de afstudeerrichting 3D Production & VFX van de opleiding Bachelor Digital Arts and Entertainment
    Kortrijk design & technology day classes Dutch, English
  • Brugge company & organisation day classes Dutch
    Figures, expert work and accuracy: that is what it's all about within the training program of Accountancy-Fiscal Matters. As a future accountant or financial advisor, you play a crucial role within the organization for which you will work. You look at figures, analyze them and map out the financial organization of companies. A diverse task package and a constantly evolving legislation guarantee you have a fascinating job. The time you gain thanks to the growing digitalization can be spent on your clients and services. Also have a look at the other elective tracks:
  • Brugge design & technology day classes Dutch
    Do you like to think technically but also out-of-the-box? Do you follow the latest digital innovations closely? And above all, do you want to help companies and organisations convert this potential into added value? Welcome to the AI Business Professional major!
  • Kortrijk design & technology day classes Dutch
    An AI Engineer develops AI software, using simple regressions, complex deep learning and / or state of the art reinforcement learning models. But this astute developer goes further than that: he or she develops a full back-end & API to convert the power of AI into an innovative solution.
  • Brugge company & organisation day classes, distance learning Dutch
    Do you love economics and the world of business? Do you want to become an expert in fields such as logistics, sales, marketing, fiscal matters, finance, HR, ...? Or are you dreaming of a job abroad? When taking the Business Management study programme you will learn-by-doing, from the very first year. Through concrete cases and 2 work placement periods we will train you to become an expert in your professional field!   
  • Brugge design & technology day classes Dutch
    Do you want to work with the latest technologies to unravel DNA mysteries? Are you intrigued by how nicotine patches or blood meters work? And do you dream of experimenting and analysing in a laboratory? Choose the Bachelor of Biomedical Laboratory Technology, a broad study programme that will prepare you as a scientific assistant for the exciting biomedical challenges of the 21st century.   This programme is only available in Dutch!
  • Brugge company & organisation day classes Dutch
    As a management assistant you focus on business life in all its aspects. Whether you choose a large multinational or a small SME, you feel like a fish in the water anywhere. You acquire a broad general basis. Afterwards, from the second semester on, you choose one of our three elective tracks which you specialize in
  • Kortrijk company & organisation day classes Dutch
    Vlogging, blogging, making up slogans and baselines, sending out newsletters, setting up Instagram and Facebook campaigns, sketching creative advertising commercials, organizing unforgettable events, ... Anything that, in this 21st century, is considered as a form of communication will be covered in this course. The requirement to start the bachelor study programme? You talk the talk and you walk the walk!   
  • Brugge design & technology day classes Dutch, English
    In this bachelor major you study the specific problems in the field of security and learn how to arm yourself against them. As a Cyber Security specialist you will be trained in the very latest technologies and techniques in the field of cyber security, cyber crime and cyber warfare. The Cyber Security specialist provides more security and privacy in the digital world.
  • Kortrijk design & technology day classes Dutch
    Students are fascinated by how things are made and want to delve extra deeply into the most technical aspects of product design.