Student participation

"A voice in almost everything"

Student participation: your voice counts!

Howest takes student participation  - participation of the students in the operation and functioning of the school – very seriously. As a student, you can express your opinion, your idea, your remarks or comments almost anywhere and about anything.

The objective of student participation is simple: Make Howest as good as possible for all students at all levels.
The starting point of Howest is not difficult either: we never decide on the students without involving the students themselves. Or briefly: never about students without students.

Student participation takes place at 3 levels:

So, Howest encourages it when you make your voice clearly heard! You choose where, when, how often and how clearly you do so.


A voice in your study program

Each study programme has a participation commission where students engage in conversation with the study programme staff. The subjects are by definition study programme-related: the structure and the implementation of the study programme, the spread of assignments and tasks, the creation of the examination schedules, the assessment of excursions, …

Usually, the study programme staff takes the initiative (at least twice per academic year), but also students can request to convene the participation commission. Each meeting is followed by a report and … a follow-up.

Each study programme organizes the participation commission to its own discretion (with representatives, per class,…). Your study programme coordinator will have the pleasure to explain it to you.


A voice in the campus

At campus level too, you have a voice in the campus participation. The subject list is endless: a remark about the arrangement of classrooms and buildings, an idea for the cafeteria, a hint for the IT-team, a suggestion for the cook, ... That’s the place where you can express your wishes! Some more examples: compliments for the maintenance team, ideas for an improvement, wishes for summer or winter periods. Just say so! Do not hesitate!

Check your mailbox. You will receive an invitation a few times a year.


A voice in Howest

student council focus on the general operation and functioning of the university of applied sciences. They are the link to the board of principals and maintain close contact with the student councils of other universities of applied sciences through the Vlaamse Vereniging van Studenten. In the student council, you find (elected) student representatives who have and give their opinion on absolutely everything.
The student council confers with Howest on everything that concerns the students: the education and examination regulations, the enrolment fee, quality care, student coaching, rights and obligations of students, educational innovation, communication, plans and initiatives of the university of applied sciences, …
The decree on higher education provides that the student council gives ‘advices’ that the university of applied sciences subsequently starts working with. That is a possibility that the student council uses eagerly.

In addition to their ‘seat’ in the student council, student representatives also have a seat (with voting right!) in the administrative bodies of the university of applied sciences (board of principals, Stuvo council). Moreover, the student council also sends people out to the Vlaamse Vereniging van Studenten (, the Algemene vergadering van de Associatie Universiteit Gent (, the Gentse Associatie studentenraad,...

The agenda of the student council is always surprising. Indeed: anything may and can be discussed and dealt with, as long as Howest and/or the Howest students (may) benefit from it.


More information

You are sold on the idea of student participation, but you still have doubts? Do you have a question about the operation of our representative bodies? Do you want to know where you can post your idea or remark? We’d love to help you out!


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