Postgraduate Certificate in Cyber Security

Postgraduate Certificate in Cyber Security
"Give your career in Cyber Security a boost. The Postgraduate in Cyber Security with a major in Cyber Security at Howest, Bruges, Belgium offers you the ideal education."

Howest offers you a wide range of interesting topics.

  • Did you ever want to understand how a hacker works and to counter their attacks through reverse malware engineering?
  • Are you interested in becoming an ethical hacker and help private and public sector organizations find their weak spots through penetration testing (system, web and network)?
  • Do you want to help fight cybercrime and find the bad guys by conducting a forensic analysis?
  • Or is your life’s goal to strengthen security in the industry by learning about Industrial Control Systems Security (OT)?
  • Or do you want to understand cryptography and how it can be used to protect information?  
  • Or do you want to learn how it is misused to secretly encrypt your data and ask money (which is ransomware) or hide activities from criminals?
  • Data Privacy and GDPR provide you with the essential knowledge to become a Data Protection Officer (DPO). You will acquire thorough expertise in Information Security Management and threat modelling & intelligence.

As a pioneer in offering education for ground-breaking new technologies Howest was one of the first to respond to the lack of industry-ready, practice-oriented Cyber Security Professionals by offering this advanced program. Innovative subjects like Cyber Warfare and security in 5G, Blockchain and AI are included.

To be eligible for this Advanced Program a Bachelor or Master in Computer Sciences is a must.

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