Bachelor Organisation and Management

Bachelor Organisation and Management
"Your trainees do create added value for our company. Owing to their broad training they are versatile and can be employed in several departments. (Laura Vermeulen, Product Manager, Fagron) "

Our programme offers what employers require.  There is a strong demand for office managers at the labour market. The job of office manager is considered a bottleneck occupation, which means that our students find quick and easy ways to fill vacancies once they have graduated. 

Howest’s new young professionals in Organisation and Management are digitally performant, flexible and future-oriented co-managers.  Moreover, they communicate in different languages and are strong at planning and coordinating. They are studious project managers who will effortlessly build bridges between various company departments, both in the field of general business and the health care sector. 

The language of communication in this program is Dutch. 

Two majors are on offer. The major will be mentioned on your degree.  The two majors are: 

Business & Languages 

Would you like to make a difference in a business environment and keep your options open at the same time? Are you longing to play a key role in a company and guide processes using the latest planning and communication tools? Then Business & Languages is you best option. 

As an office manager Business & Languages you have many assets and advantages: a broad business knowledge and a versatile and flexible attitude that open many doors in the labour market. The choice is entirely yours: the company you would like to work in, the department that most appeals to you and the leadership skills you wish to show. 

Health Care Management

Are you intrigued by the medical world and would you like to communicate with doctors, specialists, patients and labs? Do you want to help ensure that everything runs smoothly without having to perform the actual medical procedures? Then Health Care Management is your best option. 

As an office manager Health Care Management you can start working immediately in hospitals, private doctors’ offices  and pharmaceutical companies . 

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