Course concept

English-taught semesters, what are they?

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An English-taught semester is a coherent package of course units which a Howest Bachelor programme offers in English, as an option for semester exchange , to incoming students from its partner universities abroad, and as a study abroad option to other international students.

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Course overview

Motion and UI Design
Visual Design and 3D Animation


UX Research
Critically assess what people truly need
Expert Creative Development
Experiment without constraints and grow your skills in a personal project
Interdisciplinary Project
Collaborate with students from other fields on a digital product
  • To enrol in the interdisciplinary project, you need to attend / follow the Expert Creative Development course (12 ECTS) as well.
Academic English - evening course (optional)
This English course provides exchange students with an intensive training in speaking, listening, reading and writing skills, all focused on their ongoing or upcoming academic experience. The lecturer will take the diversity of academic areas of the participants into account, by addressing a range of topics and choosing subjects that are relevant to the attending students wherever possible.
The course aims at the B2 proficiency level and uses the IELTS methodology. We strongly recommended it to all exchange students who have not fully achieved the B2-level in English at the moment of application for their mobility project. For the more proficient students, we still see the course as a useful immersion experience.

Course Unit Descriptions for All English-taught semester programmes

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Course content

Motion and UI Design (6 ECTS)

You immerse yourself fully in the world of visual design. You focus on selecting a single design skill and go to infinity and beyond to master your craft. A deep understanding is formed that design holds the power to draw attention and enact positive change in response to social issues around the world. Cinema4D will be put on your radar and you’ll delve into the complex world of 3d animation to become familiar with texturing, lighting and rendering a project.

UX Research (6 ECTS)

The core of everything we do lies in the ability to critically assess what people truly need. In the research module you partake in active workshops to learn how to place yourself in the shoes of the end user. Step into the world to gather first hand data.

Expert Creative Development (12 ECTS)

You’re learning the skills to experiment without constraints using Arduinos, WebGL, Machine Learning and real time communication. Physical installations are as much part of a potential solution as your digital ideas. These installations could be featured on festivals or in musea. Utilise your programming knowledge to create a real-life experience. This can range from anything such as an action-packed game to a visual show via light projections on buildings. You’ll participate in hackathons and continue to focus on your personal project, giving you the opportunity to fully explore the subject matter of your choice, whether that’s on the subject of Artificial Intelligence to Full Stack Web Development.

Interdisciplinary Project (12 ECTS)

You’ll apply the individual skills you’ve learnt in collaboration with students from other fields of expertise during an interdisciplinary project. Design, development and research are applied in your very own creations which ensures that intricate theory is practiced until eventually it can be performed without a second thought.

To enrol in the interdisciplinary project, you need to attend / follow the Expert Creative Development course (12 ECTS) as well.


Minimum 4 successfully completed semesters or an equivalent of 120 ECTS in a Bachelor in Computer Sciences or Graphic Design.

In this semester prior knowledge and experience is obligatory:

  • Experience with design software (Photoshop or Illustrator)
  • Experience with UX prototyping software (Sketch or Adobe XD or Figma)
  • Experience with HTML, CSS and Javascript

Each applicant needs to prove that he/she fulfils these requirements by means of an official certificate, a survey of completed courses, transcripts of records or a signed letter from the sending university. An applicant may also be asked to complete a technical test prior to enrolment.

Click here for Howest language expectations.

All students should bring their own laptop, with the following minimum requirements: 8GB RAM memory, i5 processor with VTX and a 64-bit architecture. You can use your preferred operating system: Windows, Linux or Mac OS X. 

The course overview above mentions any specific software necessary for the course unit. Howest applies a very strict policy on the use of legal software.

Non-exchange students can only attend the international semester as a Postgraduate course and need to have completed at least a full Bachelor degree programme at the time they start the international semester course at Howest.

Timing and location

The course takes place in Kortrijk.

Our Autumn semester runs from 14 September 2020 to 29 January 2021

The first week is the fulltime Orientation Week. The actual lessons start on 21 September. From 02/11/2020 to 07/11/2020 there is one week of Autumn Holiday. Winter holidays are from 21/12/2020 to 02/01/2021.
The examination period starts immediately afterwards. In the last week of the semester (25/01-30/01), there are still exams, as well as feedback sessions for students.

The Howest 2nd  chance exams take place in the 3rd exam period (Aug/Sept). As an exceptional service for exchange students AND only after explicit approval by the head of the study department, a 2nd  exam can be taken by the end of the 1st  exam period, at a date to be determined by the study department.

Address of the campus

Dam 2A
8500 Kortrijk

Opleiding / Dienst